Continuous manufacturing is now an industry staple, with several finished dose drugs produced using the process available today. But is there room for process optimization? Researchers at the University of Singapore certainly think so and have developed techniques to enhance the automated synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds. They shared the story behind their research with us.

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Synthesizing Synthesis
11/06/2021 | Angus Stewart
A possible fix for problems in small molecule manufacture via continuous flow processing.
Natural Born Therapeutics
11/02/2021 | Angus Stewart
Researchers at Trinity College Dublin explain how they are reaching into the natural environment to source new bioactives.
IDEA Pharma's Mike Rea on Pharma Positioning and Launch Strategies
10/26/2021 | Stephanie Sutton
In this video interview, Mike Rea explains why each drug needs its own launch strategy.
A Reawakening of Small Molecule Drug Development
10/06/2021 | Marcelo Bigal
Emerging technologies are proving that small molecules aren't yesterday's news.
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