For pharma, there are myriad opportunities to be more environmentally friendly from reducing carbon emissions in factories, to using recyclable packaging, to ensuring that antibiotics are disposed of responsibly. Antibiotics are frequently identified in water. Pharma can make an impact by educating patients about responsible disposable, but researchers are also exploring new technologies that can help remove antibiotics from the water.

Ironing Out Antibiotic Resistance
07/15/2021 | Maryam Mahdi
How do we reduce the presence of pharmaceuticals in water?
COVID-19: Inside the UK's Vaccine Taskforce
07/14/2021 | James Strachan
Steve Bates gives us the inside scoop on the UK’s Vaccine Taskforce.
Boosting Cell Line Expression
Why is there a need for innovation in cell line development technology?
Supporting Patients During Treatment
How pharma can support patients with initial onboarding and ongoing adherence to therapeutic treatments.
Smart Shipping Solutions For Cell Therapy Logistics

Our webinar with Cytiva on overcoming cell therapy logistics without the hazards of liquid nitrogen is now available to view on demand. Stream now

White Papers
Use of NanoSight Sample Assistant to Increase Throughput and Reproducibility in the Physical Characterization of Exosomes

Nanosized plasma membrane vesicles secreted by cells into bodily fluids are known to have an important role in intracellular communication. Read more

Nanobubble Applications and Characterization

Acceptance of an interest in the special properties of nanobubbles and ultrafine bubbles is growing rapidly, and their formation and characteristics are the subject of an increasing amount of study. Read more

Product Profiles
FlexDirect® Direct-to-Patient Services

Catalent’s FlexDirect® direct-to-patient clinical supply solutions provides sponsors with a flexible choice of services, tailored to the specific needs of modern clinical trials. Learn more

Nutra’ TiO2 free, the novel range of high quality and reliable of titanium dioxide-free capsules.

In response to an increasing demand of health-conscious consumers for capsules without Titanium dioxide, Qualicaps® keeps on broadening its product portfolio with the launch of a new range of TiO2-free capsules. Learn more

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