The End of “Mini-Me” Medicine
07/18/2018 | Andrew Parker
The end of “mini me” medicine is over, says Andrew Parker, because we can do better when it comes to pediatric care.
It’s a Vendor’s Life: Lessons Learned with Rick Morris
07/18/2018 | Rick Morris
Rick Morris shares lessons learned based on a career of polymers and building biopharma equipment.
Bringing Alzheimer’s in from the Cold
08/15/2018 | Roisin McGuigan
With big pharma seemingly pulling out of the field, what hope remains for novel treatments for Alzheimer’s disease?
The Costs of the Counterfeit Battle
09/12/2018 | Maarten Van Baelen
Fighting counterfeit medicines is a noble goal, but the financial burden of safety features may affect access to medicines in unintended ways.

“I want it all, and I want it now,” a study on the future of filling

Innovative fill lines combine the activities that would traditionally be three separate filling lines into one line under barrier isolation in a single filling suite. Join CRB for a webinar exploring how these highly touted, faster and more efficient lines could impact the industry.

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White Papers
In vitro bioequivalence studies for oral solid dose products
10/01/2018 | Contributed by Malvern Panalytical
The Morphologi® ID can be used to compare material and chemical properties of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in a drug product using Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy (MDRS®).
Exploring the relationship between molecular characteristics and bulk rheological properties of biodegradable polymers
02/06/2018 | Contributed by Malvern Panalytical
Molecular and bulk characterization of PLA and PLGA samples using multi-detector GPC and rheometry.
Product Profile
Non-destructive pharmaceutical package testing
12/17/2018 | Contributed by Dynascan
Continuous Flow Development for Efficient Chemical Synthesis
04/23/2018 | Contributed by Cambrex
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Join the 11th HIC/DSP conference, be part of the bioseparation community!

Meet biochromatography experts from industry and academics, and hear about their cutting-edge research at the HIC/DSP conference on February 18th - 21st in Interlaken, Switzerland. Register today at a reduced fee!

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Chasing the Biopharma Market

From new customer bases and vaccines to biosimilars and antibodies: what are the emerging trends and hot topics in biopharma, and how can companies take advantage of them in order to succeed? In this eBook, GE shares insights into some of the latest market dynamics that can influence business success in emerging markets.

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