Over the course of the last month, discourse around COVID-19 restrictions has varied across the world. As some countries gear up for the easing of restrictions, others are experiencing steep rises in deaths. On a global level, there are still many challenges to address. This week, we’ve put together a recent selection of COVID-19 related articles, including an interview with SiO2’s CBO, Lawrence Ganti on Operation Warp Speed and the challenges of producing glass-plastic vial hybrids for COVID-19 vaccines. What has been the main challenge of the vaccine rollout in your view? Let us know here.

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Saving the World, One Vial at a Time
04/27/2021 | James Strachan
How did SiO2 quintuple their workforce and increase production capacity 12-fold in just a few months?
Catching Up With... Rick Bright
04/28/2021 | Stephanie Sutton
We catch up with our Power Lister Rick Bright, to get his thoughts on the future of biopharma.
World Immunization Week
04/29/2021 | Stephanie Sutton
It’s time to celebrate World Immunization Week and the important role of COVID-19 vaccines.
Raising the Bar(code)
04/29/2021 | Stephanie Sutton
How adding barcodes to glass containers can improve traceability.
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