Newsletter - 0817-02
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Top Articles
Getting Personal with Oncology
Joe Olechno tells us why ex vivo screening could yield more benefits than genomics when it comes to cancer treatment – the technique could save lives, lead to new drug development, and more.
Champion of Generics: Abhijit Mukherjee
We sit down with Abhijit Mukherjee, Chief Operating Officer at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, India, to talk about his career, the challenges affecting the generics drug industry, and it’s perception.
Making Therapeutic History
The FDA has greenlit the US’s first CAR-T gene therapy, Kymriah – a therapeutic for ALL. This marks a major step forward for the field of cell therapy, and opens the door for many more to follow suit.
The Medicine Maker’s annual Innovation Awards recognize the most exciting, commercial drug development and manufacturing technologies released over the past year. Do you have any equipment, software, instruments, technologies, or services that are moving pharma forward? Then enter here!
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Integrated Facility Design: Simplifying Complex Challenges
Are you ready to bring in a new aseptic filling line? Then tune in for this webinar on integrated facility design packed with tips and best practices for identifying key project questions that will shape and affect the entire facility.
Application Notes
Understanding the properties of dry powder inhaler formulations
Introducing a new approach for dry powder inhaler characterization aids understanding of the dispersion of the formulation during device actuation. In this note we show how the Morphologi automated imaging system can be used to understand the degree of powder dispersion achieved during the operation of a dry powder inhaler by analyzing powder fractions collected using cascade impaction.
Molecular weight measurements of an antibody using Viscotek SEC-MALS 20
In this application note, a purified polyclonal antibody (IgG) is separated using Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) and characterized using the Viscotek SEC-MALS 20, allowing calculation of molecular weight and radius of gyration (Rg).
Beyond antibody purification - Capture of scFv on leading-edge Protein L chromatography resin
The optimization of the capture of single chain variable fragments on TOYOPEARL® Protein L resin using a robotic parallel chromatography system leads to significant purity improvement. More specifically, post-load washing with chaotropic agents can significantly reduce HCP content. It may further support on-column refolding of misfolded and aggregated product.
Product Profiles
New at CPhI Worldwide: ready-to-fill vials from Gerresheimer using Ompi EZ-fill process
Gerresheimer’s two areas of expertise – the glass forming of vials from tubular glass and the ready-to-fill processing of pre-fillable glass syringes - will also be combined with recognized Ompi EZ-Fill® packaging technology for the new Gx RTF® vials. The Gx RTF® vials are washed, packed in trays or in nests and tubs and sterilized before being delivered to pharmaceutical customers.
Resolute manual columns with on-site packing support and 8-week lead time
Every Resolute manual column comes with free lifetime remote support with a scientist available by phone or email to answer your queries. If you need more than this we can travel to you for in-depth support and training or to run packing trials.
Special Promotions
Bringing Time Back to Biology with Surface Plasmon Resonance
Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) has become a go-to tool for biotherapeutic characterization – and most approved antibody therapeutics have passed through a Biacore SPR system. Here, Robert Karlsson from GE Healthcare Life Sciences explains the benefits of SPR and how the technique can bring time back to biology.
A New Dawn for Real-Time Characterization?
Scientists seeking a deeper understanding of their biotherapeutics would do well to consider advanced tools, such as surface plasmon resonance (SPR). The benefit? Unlocking better products for patients. Here, Robert Karlsson examines the benefits of SPR and how it can be used.
Event Profiles
Further Growth for Sixth Edition of Pharma Integrates
A packed programme will challenge established paradigms and discuss new models of pharmaceutical production. With 90+ confirmed panellists and 350 delegates, three headline on-stage interviews will complement this year’s debate-led sessions. Book your place, get involved and influence future pharma thinking.
Register now for Lab Innovations
Lab Innovations returns to the heart of the industry on 1 & 2 November 2017 at the NEC, Birmingham. This is your opportunity to discover the latest innovations in laboratory technology, biotech and analytical equipment, from over 130 manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory products.
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