Newsletter - 1117-03
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Top Articles
Fantastic Vaccines and Where to Find Them
Vaccines for viruses like influenza are being worked on by labs around the world, but what about the lesser known targets? Thankfully, public health groups have helped boost public interest in specialty vaccines.
Continuing the Trend
Continuous processing is gaining traction in pharma and biopharma, but adopting a continuous approach may also benefit cell therapies, by saving time, space, and allowing larger scale production of cells.
De-Risking Drug Development
Metabolism-induced drug attrition is a problem that needs to be addressed, says Guy Webber. The way to overcome it is by employing risk mitigation strategies as part of the drug development process.
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Industry Content
How to Cultivate a Quality Mindset
Using precise and reliable analytical tools to ensure the successful development and manufacture of your candidate molecule from the outset – and right through to quality control – helps avoid costly pitfalls along the way. One particularly effective tool is surface plasmon resonance.
Exhibitor Highlight
Meet key pharmaceutical decision makers at Europe’s most comprehensive pharmaceutical event
Making Pharmaceuticals Europe is a FREE TO ATTEND exhibition and conference. An Exhibition featuring companies that are fundamental to every stage of the lifecycle of a pharmaceutical product, a conference that covers the major topics, and issues facing the Pharmaceutical Industry in Europe, and pharmaceutical professional attendees that are key decision makers looking to meet, network and find new business partners.
Upcoming Events
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