Newsletter - 0218-03
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Issue #0218
Top Articles
Deep Dive into Biopharma Analysis
Are biopharma analytical tools up to scratch? We speak with four analytical experts to gain a fresh perspective on the challenges of biopharmaceutical characterization.
Are You Ready?
Even if the industry gets everything it wants in terms of regulatory equivalence and mutual recognition out of the Brexit talks, pharma companies will be using the same ports and roads as exporters from other industries…
Think Fast, Screen Faster
High-throughput screening is already an important component of the drug discovery toolbox, but Graham Cooks believes analysis time for 100,000 reactions could be cut from more than a week down to a day.
Maintaining a Fit Facility: Stress Testing, Mitigating Risks and Remediation
No matter the age of a facility, it must consistently yield high quality products. Facility and process equipment must meet design specifications, manufacturing must operate within validation constraints, and the overall facility must be maintained with minimal down time. Find out how to maintain a “Fit Facility” in this webinar.
Application Note
Beyond SOPs – Exploring the rigor and requirements of Analytical QbD
Analytical QbD (AQbD) promises to extend the rigor and benefits of QbD into the area of analytical method development. Here, Paul Kippax provides an introduction to the methodology involved and takes as an example the application of AQbD to the development of a laser diffraction particle sizing method.
Top five ways of improving the stability of your formulation
Formulation development is a critical activity for many industries, from pharmaceuticals, to paints and coatings. Indeed, it is estimated that in the UK alone, sales of formulated products amount to some £180 billion per year.
Special Promotions
We Explore the Future of Bioprocessing
What actually is next generation bioprocessing? How are industry players defining next generation bioprocessing and how will they pursue and successfully implement this approach? And is continuous bioprocessing always the ultimate end goal drug manufacturers around the globe are, or should be, striving for?
Time to Set Standards
Learn how standardization in primary packaging can reduce complexity and time to market.
Exhibitor Highlight
Meet pharmaceutical decision makers at the UKs’ leading Pharmaceutical Event
Making Pharmaceuticals brings together the key decision makers and innovators from across the Pharmaceuticals sector. During the two day event you can meet, network and do business with hundreds of professionals looking to find solutions, obtain answers, and buy the products and services you need to fulfil your pharmaceutical development and manufacturing requirements.
Upcoming Events
Be it a large congress at a huge venue or an expert meeting that fits around a table, these events are a fantastic way to network and educate yourself on the latest developments in the industry – so why not take a look at our list of upcoming events?