Newsletter - 0718-03
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Biopharma Trends
What are the hot topics in biopharma manufacture? We provide hard data and expert insight in a new series. Part one focuses on the most exciting biopharma drugs.
Pure and Simple(r)
Researchers in the Netherlands have found an inexpensive way to produce tamoxifen’s metabolite, Z-endoxifen, with a paper “coffee” filter that results in very high purity.
The Successful Experiment
“It is a fantastic time to be in the industry right now because everybody has recognized both the potential and need for new thinking in the UK,” says Mike Thompson.
Trials of a Medicine Maker
Chief Technology Office
The challenge of convincing senior staff to invest in continuous bioprocessing.
Assessing Critical Quality Attributes and Structural Conformation of Biotherapeutics by HDX-MS
Hydrogen deuterium exchange (HDX) mass spectrometry (MS) is a powerful tool for studying the dynamics of higher order structure of protein-based therapeutics. Learn from experts at Genentech and Thermo Fisher Scientific how HDX-MS can be employed to monitor critical quality attributes of protein therapeutics.
White Papers
Detecting the Presence of Trace Polymorphs and Impurities
This document explores a number of ways that today’s modern, laboratory-based PXRD instrumentation and advanced software can greatly assist pharmaceutical scientists in their quest to develop high quality, stable products and accelerate their speed to market.
New multi-angle DLS (MADLS) used to get both size and size distribution
In this application note, Allergan are kindly sharing data from their evaluation of the Zetasizer Ultra, examples of three adeno-associated virus (AAV) samples are shown. The concentration results are compared to results from capsid ELISA based virus titre assays.
Special Promotions
Join us at the inaugural BioPharma Trends conference: Towards Industry 4.0
Cloud computing, big data, smart technology, integrated systems... Industry 4.0 is already here. But which elements can benefit biopharmaceutical manufacturing now and in the future? Join us at Biopharma Trends 2018: Towards Industry 4.0 to find answers.
Valsynthese – success beyond technology – 30 years of experience
Safety is a major concern when dealing with hazardous chemistry. Valsynthese’s development team, consisting of experienced PhD Chemists and highly trained laboratory technicians, looks back to more than 30 years of experience handling thermal, toxic and corrosive hazards. Valsynthese measures most safety relevant data in-house: Impact & friction sensitivity, DSC, RC1, AKTS modeling.
Maintaining the Analytical Edge
Working across life sciences, performance materials and healthcare divisions, Site Management Analytics is Merck’s internal solutions provider for tough analytical challenges. Here, we learn more from Christoph Saal, Director, Site-Management Analytics Healthcare, and Saskia Haehn, Manager, E&L and Packaging Materials.
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Be it a large congress at a huge venue or an expert meeting that fits around a table, these events are a fantastic way to network and educate yourself on the latest developments in the industry – so why not take a look at our list of upcoming events?