Newsletter - 0918-03
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Issue #0918
Top Articles
Antibody About Turn
What happens when you see an opportunity to make a promising drug on the verge of entering clinical development even better? Do you delay or stick with it and hope it’s “good enough”?
The CHO’s Over
Global healthcare costs and demands are changing, and the next wave of complex biologics is entering biopharma pipelines. Is it time to look beyond mammalian cell lines?
Knowing Your Values
Does a medicine’s price consistently track with its benefits and value? Not in the US, according to an international collaboration involving the University of Colorado, USA.
Product Profile
NEW- Mannogem® XL Mannitol
An innovative approach to mannitol designed to improve the formulation experience and enhance formulation performance. XL is a multifunctional, compendial grade of DC spray dried mannitol that provides superior binding and quick disintegration. Using Mannogem XL, it’s possible to increase patient compliance through tablet size reduction and faster disintegration times.
Flexible Manufacturing Solutions
Catalent combines more than 80 years’ manufacturing expertise, quality assurance and reliable supply, with a global network of facilities approved by 35 regulatory agencies to provide flexible commercial and clinical manufacturing solutions.
Immunogenicity & Pharmacokinetic Assays for the Detection of Biologics and Biosimilars
BioGenes is a well-known expert in custom antibody and ELISA development for more than 20 years. With the novel soluble ELISA format, BioGenes now provides sponsors with a superior approach, that allows reliable pharmacokinetic and immunogenicity testing throughout the clinical development of a biotherapeutic drug.
Event Profile
CPhI Worldwide 2018: three days to drive business for the entire year
• Meet the entire pharma industry supply chain in one location
• Meet companies from around the world
• Keep abreast of the latest industry developments
• Free access to all co-located events
Exhibitor Profile
User-friendly oral dosage forms by HERMES PHARMA
HERMES PHARMA is the expert in developing and manufacturing user-friendly oral dosage forms. We offer customized solutions at every point along the value chain, from new product development to manufacturing and regulatory support. For over 40 years, healthcare companies around the globe have worked with us to grow their business.
Special Promotions
What Makes a “Good” Bioprocess?
The development of an optimized bioprocess requires a holistic approach tailored to the specific needs of the product. Serena Smith, Director of Strategic Customer Engagements at Thermo Fisher Scientific, and bioprocessing leader with over 17 years of industry experience, explains how to balance process optimization with timeline constraints.
Join us at the inaugural BioPharma Trends conference: Towards Industry 4.0
Cloud computing, big data, smart technology, integrated systems... Industry 4.0 is already here. But which elements can benefit biopharmaceutical manufacturing now and in the future? Join us at Biopharma Trends 2018: Towards Industry 4.0 to find answers.
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