Newsletter - 0618-03
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Issue #0618
Top Articles
Ahead of the Curve
Ajaz Hussain, President of the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology and Education discusses his journey in pharma, and why setting yourself goals isn’t always the best way forward.
AI Pick’s Parkinson’s
Could artificial intelligence help repurpose old drugs for sufferers of Parkinson’s? A collaboration between Parkinson’s UK and The Cure Parkinson’s Trust has won an inaugural award to help them accelerate their research.
Arguing for Albumin
When formulating complicated therapies, albumin may be an underused resource. Phil Morton explains the advantages albumin can offer, particularly as the industry moves increasingly towards complex drugs.
Trials of a Medicine Maker
Chief Technology Office
The challenge of convincing senior staff to invest in continuous bioprocessing.
Cell Therapy Facilities – Designing for Flexibility, Scalability, and Cost Effectiveness
Looking to find out more about designing cell therapy facilities? In this webinar, experts give an introduction to the topic, discussing what operational, technical and support spaces are required, and how GMP and biocontainment requirements impact design. Mechanical and electrical needs – and how to address them – will also be considered.
White Papers
Development of Nasal Spray Medications
Droplet size impacts how an active ingredient is deposited in the nasal cavity and therefore how well it is absorbed by the body.
Theory and practice of Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) is an analytical technique with a proven track record for biomolecular stability studies. The technique is based on forced thermal denaturation of the biomolecules. This white paper discusses the principals of DSC analysis and exemplifies it with basic applications. The benefits and specifics of DSC are discussed.
Product Profiles
Broad Technology Toolkit to Accelerate Drug Development
Catalent offers its partners the broadest range of technologies and solutions to overcome developmental and bioavailability challenges, and to enhance product performance.
Special Promotions
Valsynthese – success beyond technology – 30 years of experience
Safety is a major concern when dealing with hazardous chemistry. Valsynthese’s development team, consisting of experienced PhD Chemists and highly trained laboratory technicians, looks back to more than 30 years of experience handling thermal, toxic and corrosive hazards. Valsynthese measures most safety relevant data in-house: Impact & friction sensitivity, DSC, RC1, AKTS modeling.
Upcoming Events
Be it a large congress at a huge venue or an expert meeting that fits around a table, these events are a fantastic way to network and educate yourself on the latest developments in the industry – so why not take a look at our list of upcoming events?