Newsletter - 1018-03
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Issue #1018
Top Articles
A (Pregnant) Pause For Thought
Roisin McGuigan, Deputy Editor, argues it’s time for maternal health to escape from the dark ages, and that pharma has a duty to help.
Including Pregnant Women from the Start
We need to move towards a mindset where we assume pregnant and lactating women should be included in studies and trials.
Injectable Innovation
A company looks to give the humble injection an inventive makeover with a new competition called the “Open Innovation Challenge – Injection 2.0.”
White Papers
Protein Stability Analysis Technologies for the Biopharmaceutical Industry
This buyer's guide discusses the available instrumentation for protein stability characterization, and what to consider when choosing stability assays. Protein stability and higher order structure is used to assist with biocomparability studies.
A technological solution for combating counterfeit drugs
This white paper examines the issue of counterfeit drugs, reviewing the various types produced and the nature and range of the damage they cause. The report then focuses on analytical methods for tackling the problem, in particular the use of X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD).
Using automated powder dispensing to tackle bottlenecks in pharmaceutical R&D
Accurately dispensing small amounts of powder causes bottlenecks in screening and high-throughput experimentation. In a recent benchmarking study by the Enabling Technologies Consortium™ (ETC), the performance of several automated powder dispensing systems was compared, using a diverse set of reference powders. The results are described in this case study.
Product Profile
Viral Vaccine Production — Cultivation of Vero Cells in Packed-Bed Bioreactors
Viral diseases like rotavirus and influenza are causing many deaths worldwide, resulting in strong demands for more productive manufacturing techniques for vaccines. Vero cells are widely used for the viral vaccine production. Read more about their cultivation in a bioreactor pre-packed with Fibra-Cel, a promising alternative compared to ordinary microcarriers.
Special Promotions
The Medicine Maker Survey: We Need Your Help
The Medicine Maker is committed to providing you with the best possible experience and content. As we strive to improve in everything we do, we'd like to hear your feedback – how you read The Analytical Scientist, what's going well, what you like, and where you think we can improve.
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