Here at Texere we’ve woken from a stormy night to a grim, rainy morning. The editor typing this introduction is a particularly sodden specimen. Whether the weather at your end is equally grey, or your dampness is one of the soul; fear not, because in this bronzed, glimmering newsletter we are reaching for the sun. Lofty goals are the order of the day: next-gen inhalers, factory upgrades, and the rollout of mRNA vaccines.

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mRNA: Reaching for the Sun
09/24/2021 | Maryam Mahdi
What milestones will define the next era in the mRNA story?
Seriously Y'all Stop It
09/22/2021 | Stephanie Sutton
Pharma wants to empower patients to make informed healthcare decisions, but patients also need to be protected from misinformation.
Lonza’s Cantonese Dream
09/21/2021 | Angus Stewart
Swiss firm Lonza is taking its investment in China to the next level with a manufacturing upgrade to its key site in Guangdong Province.
Lungs In Silico
09/16/2021 | Angus Stewart
Inhalers still don’t work as well as they should, but computational modeling is here to help.
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White papers
Toothpaste identification by FingerPrint

This application note shows that the Epsilon 4 is fully capable of identifying small differences in materials. The finger printing technique is applicable to all materials including liquids, powders and solids. Read more

Technology for combating counterfeit medicine

This white paper examines the issue of counterfeit drugs, reviewing the various types produced and the nature and range of the damage they cause. The report then focuses on analytical methods for tackling the problem, in particular the use of X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD). Read more

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