The Power List 2017

With two somewhat provocative Power Lists behind us, we once again forge ahead with our mission to celebrate 100 fantastic individuals involved in bettering the pharma industry and bringing life-changing medicines to market.

Welcome to the 2017 Power List, where we’ve divided our Top 100 into four categories, each made up of 25 outstanding professionals – and each with its own Top Ten:

Masters of the Bench – scientists and researchers whose late-night lab work lays the foundations for new therapeutics.

Industry influencers – individuals who drive industry best practices and regulations, as well as new manufacturing techniques and technologies.

Business Captains – leaders and entrepreneurs who turn scientific ideas into marketable medicines.

Champions of Change – patrons of the industry who are striving to make the world a better place by getting medicines to those who need them the most.

No Top 100 list would be complete without an overall Top Ten (we predicted you may say...) – but to find out who made the final cut, you’ll have to reach for your printed copy or download the PDF here.

The Power List 2017