One of the most challenging years for pharma on record is coming to a close. Though COVID-19 is still causing widespread disruption and claiming lives, we’re now a step closer to ending this chapter of history. With more vaccine candidates edging closer to approval, optimism is in the air. This month, we’ve taken a look back at the key events that have defined this period and the innovation that has emerged as a result. We’re also celebrating the innovative products and companies who have found ways to shine, despite the setbacks that have become synonymous with 2020. You’ll find all of this and more below.


Until next time, Maryam Mahdi, Associate Editor

Full Power for 2021
12/17/2020 | Stephanie Sutton
Nominations for The Medicine Maker Power List will close on January 25.
Cutting Through the Noise
12/17/2020 | Stephanie Sutton
We curate the COVID-19 news and breakthroughs of 2020 to bring you a helicopter view of the global fight against COVID-19.
Pandemic Preparedness
What have we learned from the pandemics of the past? Experts give their view in a video discussion.
The Innovation Awards 2020: the Finalists
Celebrating the top pharma manufacturing technologies to be released during 2020.
Must-See Events Worldwide

We work with event organizers from all around the world to help bring the pharma industry together, from large congresses to intimate meetings that fit around a table. Discover some of the events that we partner with and and stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

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