Advanced Medicines: Making it to Market
08/19/2019 | Miguel Forte
When it comes to developing cell and gene therapies, you need to keep your eye on the end goal of commercial manufacturing.
Full SPaeDD Ahead
08/21/2019 | Andrew Parker
SPaeDD, a collaborative effort between industry, academia and contractors, is helping to accelerate pediatric drug development in the UK..
The Interface Between Art and Science
08/20/2019 | Maryam Mahdi
When art and science meet, true inspiration can be found and tapped into.
Giving Data the Gift of Meaning
08/16/2019 | Gen Li, Jonathan Peachey
Clinical trials need an overhaul – and AI is the solution.
White Papers
Technology for combating counterfeit medicine

This white paper examines the issue of counterfeit drugs, reviewing the various types produced and the nature and range of the damage they cause. The report then focuses on analytical methods for tackling the problem, in particular the use of X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD). Read More.

Toothpaste identification by FingerPrint

This application note shows that the Epsilon 4 is fully capable of identifying small differences in materials. The finger printing technique is applicable to all materials including liquids, powders and solids. Read More.

Product Profiles
Distek BIOne 1250 Bioprocess Control Station - The New Interface of Bioreactors!

Distek has revolutionized benchtop scale bioreactors with the release of our BIOne 1250 bioprocess control station. The sleek appearance and intuitive touchscreen interface are only the beginning. Read More.

Convert Your Existing Benchtop Glass Bioreactor to Single-Use in Seconds!

The BIOne is engineered with a disposable headplate welded to a triple-layered liner that can be easily inserted into a non-sterile bioreactor glass vessel, converting it to single-use within seconds. Read More.

Special Promotions
Welcome to the M Lab™ Collaboration Centers!

M Lab™ Collaboration Centers: Enter a space where you can explore new ideas, learn innovative techniques, and work side by side with technical experts to solve your toughest problems in life science. Download the M LabTM eBook here.

Born to Be Manufactured

Tablets are the preferred dosage form for both patients and drug manufacturers; the tableting process is well established, but the science and engineering go deeper than you might expect... Read More.


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