Who imagined the industry could develop several COVID-19 vaccines and roll them out to millions in a matter of months? Manufacturers are rightly receiving a lot of credit, which Barry Silverstein thinks provides a rare opportunity to rebrand. But regulators have played a key role too – working at breakneck speed without cutting any corners in terms of safety. Here, the EMA explains how they did it. Elsewhere, we have a breakthrough in cold tumor drug discovery and a new project to get macromolecules across the intestinal epithelial barrier.

All the best, James Strachan, Deputy Editor

Inside the EMA: How to Accelerate Vaccine Rollout – Safely
02/11/2021 | Stephanie Sutton
Vaccine development for COVID-19 may have been rapid, but no one has scrimped on safety.
Canceling Cancer’s Collaborators
02/10/2021 | James Strachan
Small-molecule Sb9 inhibitor targets both cancer and associated cells to suppress tumor growth in mice.
Big Pharma: Heal Thyself
02/09/2021 | Barry Silverstein
Pharma hasn’t always covered itself in glory – but as the world scrambles for viable COVID-19 interventions, it has a rare opportunity to rebrand.
Crossing the Border
02/08/2021 | Stephanie Sutton
How can we get macromolecules across the intestinal epithelial barrier?
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