We recently spoke with Maik Jornitz about his career and desire to give back, by sharing his knowledge to influence the next generation of sterile filtration and bioprocessing experts. The interview was filmed so you can watch the entire discussion – covering Maik’s love for interior design, professional societies, and the most surprising changes in biopharma manufacturing over the years.

Video Interview with Maik Jornitz
Watch our video interview with Maik Jornitz.
Powering Discovery with Digitalization
06/02/2021 | Tola Olorunnisola
There are myriad opportunities to use digital tech to improve lab efficiency.
Making Good Vaccines Better
06/01/2021 | Nigel Theobald
Mighty mRNA molecules have won the COVID-19 vaccine race, but there is room for improvement.
Learning Never Stops
06/04/2021 | Maryam Mahdi
Sitting Down With… Sudarshan Jain, Secretary-General of the Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance.
White Papers
Optimizing Downstream Processing for an Inactivated Rabies Vaccine

This Application Note describes a successful collaboration with the IPT and the improvements made to the downstream process. It also establishes a rapid, scalable and GMP compliant process. Read more now

Improve the capturing of antibody fragments

Some of the latest biopharmaceutical developments rely on antibody fragments. But downstream processing poses challenges. Discover how the capture solution developed by Tosoh will help you reduce costs of fragment capturing up to 80%. Read more

Use of SEC in the Analysis of Plasmid DNA

In the biopharmaceutical industry, plasmid DNA is used as both a raw material and active ingredient in vaccines.  Read more

Laboratory Powder X-ray Diffraction System used for Pharmaceutical Challenges

In the pharmaceutical industry, the detection of polymorph traces is one of the most important applications for powder X-ray diffraction. Read more

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Achieve confidence in your proprietary media supply

Accelerate your biologics’ journey from process to patient by collaborating with a global media manufacturer with harmonized manufacturing sites and the capacity to offer unrivaled supply assurance. Find out more

How to Accelerate Lot-Release and In-Process Mycoplasma Testing

PCR-based mycoplasma testing for lot-release of biotherapeutics has grown in acceptability by regulatory agencies worldwide. Learn about regulatory guidance and considerations for manufacturers who want to shift to a rapid assay. Find out more

Must-See Events Worldwide

We work with event organizers from all around the world to help bring the pharma industry together, from large congresses to intimate meetings that fit around a table. Discover some of the events that we partner with and and stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

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