Just a few short days ago, an International Space Station crew returned safely to Earth after spending 196 days in space. Though the astronauts onboard spent a considerable amount of time conducting experiments, scientists closer to home have also been exploring the potential of the space environment for future innovation. Below you'll find two articles from our latest cover feature focusing on the opportunities that await the astropharmacy field.

Be sure to check out our other articles too, which delve into the responsibilities of leadership and the importance of understanding the risks and benefits of CRISPR genome editing studies. Until next time, Maryam Mahdi, Associate Editor.

The Astropharmacy Concept
11/17/2020 | Stephanie Sutton
How do we make medicines in space? Lynn J. Rothschild explains how biologic medicines can be made on demand.
Extraterrestrial Risk
11/20/2020 | Stephanie Sutton
What biosecurity risks do exo-microorganisms pose?
From Big Pharma to New Green Horizons: Lessons Learned with Ross Burn
11/16/2020 | Ross T. Burn
Ross Burn presents the story behind his career, including setting up a company on process chemistry and his views on industry 4.0.
Informing Consent
11/16/2020 | James Strachan
Are seriously ill patients vulnerable to overestimating the benefits and underestimating the risks of gene editing studies?
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Measurement of the concentration of Adeno-Associated Virus

For virus development and production, it is important to know the virus concentration at different stages of the process, to optimize the clone used as well as the production yields. Read more

Product Profile
Synthesising ultra-pure synthetic cannabinoids for a healthier tomorrow

JM has over 15 years’ experience in developing and commercialising a portfolio of controlled substances. Learn how our novel process for synthesising ultra-pure CBD can help you create a healthier tomorrow. Read more

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