It can be easy to forget about geopolitics in the midst of a pandemic. But the UK’s relationship with the EU is set for a major change on December 31 and pharma companies must be prepared. Nik Kotecha’s advice is to look at all of your known knowns and unknown knowns, and start preparing for the unknown unknowns – simple! This week, you’ll also find a selection of news stories on: US drug importation from Canada, COVID-19 trials excluding the elderly, and The Medicine Maker’s 2020 Innovation awards – nominations are closing soon!

All the best, James Strachan, Deputy Editor

Don’t Exclude the Aged
10/14/2020 | Stephanie Sutton
Most clinical trials against COVID-19 exclude the very patients most at risk from the disease.
Top Tier Innovation
Nominate the top pharmaceutical technologies in our 2020 Innovation Awards.
Brexit Trading Unknowns
10/15/2020 | Nik Kotecha
Is your business prepared for Brexit? Here’s some advice from Nik Kotecha.
Importation Action
10/13/2020 | Stephanie Sutton
How will new guidance issued by the FDA affect drug importation?
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Use of NanoSight Sample Assistant to Increase Throughput and Reproducibility in the Physical Characterization of Exosomes

Nanosized plasma membrane vesicles secreted by cells into bodily fluids are known to have an important role in intracellular communication. Read more

Nanobubble Applications and Characterization

Acceptance of an interest in the special properties of nanobubbles and ultrafine bubbles is growing rapidly, and their formation and characteristics are the subject of an increasing amount of study. Read more

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