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As we all know, innovation is the driver of progress in pharma. That's why we choose to celebrate the industry's best and brightest advances each year in our Innovation Awards. Voting is now open and we encourage you to nominate the companies that are making waves here: https://tmm.txp.to/innovation2020. You'll find the rules in the article below. This week, we also have articles that highlight the importance of the patient's perspective on development processes, the benefits of minimizing defects in bioprocessing, and how microphysiological systems can advance drug discovery.

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The Innovation Awards 2020
In December, The Medicine Maker will showcase the top technologies to have been released throughout 2020. Nominations are now open.
The Patient Voice
08/04/2020 | Sven Stegemann
It is essential that drug development incorporates the patient view.
A Model Experiment
08/05/2020 | Audrey Dubourg
Harnessing the potential of microphysiological systems to advance drug discovery.
Zero Defects
08/10/2020 | Massimo Mainetti
Lives and livelihoods depend on accelerating large molecule drug production, so biopharma companies must minimize defects and contamination.
Trends in Biopharma

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White Papers
Benefits of Using Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis in Nanoscale Material Characterization

The production of nanoscale materials includes use and experimentation with a wide range of substances. Read More.

Development of Nasal Spray Medications

Droplet size impacts how an active ingredient is deposited in the nasal cavity and therefore how well it is absorbed by the body. Read More.

Product Profile
Bioavailability and Development Toolkit

With global development and manufacturing sites, Catalent combines its formulation and bioavailability enhancement experience, along with delivery technologies, to support new product launches. Read more

Special Promotion
The Innovation Awards 2020, Nominations now OPEN!

Nominations are now open for The Medicine Maker 2020 Innovation Awards. Coming to our December issue of The Medicine Maker, The Innovation Awards will showcase the top technologies to have been released throughout 2020. Nominations will close on November 3, 2020. Good Luck!

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