Underpinning pharmaceutical success is the patient perspective. The end-user doesn't only interact with medicines but has a vested interest in the reputation of the companies behind them. Elizabeth Ashbourne explains how companies can integrate environmental, social, and governance plans into their operations to improve the patient experience and why they must begin to do so now.

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Mind the Cell and Gene Gap
11/26/2021 | Anshul Mangal, Tony Khoury
Anshul Mangal and Tony Khoury of Project Farma weigh in on ways to address the cell and gene therapy skills gap in the US.
With Great Power…
11/28/2021 | Maryam Mahdi
Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) plans should be an integral part of any company that aims to thrive in today’s society.
Dreaming of an Efficient Future
Edd Stone of The Technology Partnership outlines current challenges in the cell and gene field - and what we can do about them.
Slowing the Alzheimer’s Decline | The Medicine Maker Social
11/25/2021 | Maryam Mahdi
How can the NLRP3 inflammasome can be exploited to slow the decline associated with Alzheimer's disease?
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Evolution of Analytical Techniques for Biopharmaceutical Drug Development
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Critical Quality Attributes for supply of clinical plasmids for cell and gene therapy development
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The side-effects of bad data in API development and manufacture
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