Could a drug-discovery robot be named on a patent as an “inventor”? Usually to obtain a patent, the invention must not be obvious to a person of skill in the relevant field. But it seems conceivable that an algorithm could identify drug candidates that are entirely non-obvious to human experts… Amy Nick tackles AI inventorship in addition to other legal, regulatory and commercial issues pertaining to AI in pharma. Elsewhere, you’ll find articles on the rise of single use, economic incentives in clinical trials, as well as kickstarting Alzheimer’s R&D.


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A Matter of Trust
09/07/2020 | Maryam Mahdi
Can we trust the integrity of clinical trials?
Does AI Dream of Electric Patents?
09/09/2020 | Amy Nick
When it comes to using AI in drug development, companies need to consider how they create and protect their intellectual property.
Charting the Rise of Single Use
08/20/2020 | Stephanie Sutton
Single-use systems have come a long way. We look at experience with the technology so far.
Rejuvenating Alzheimer’s R&D
08/24/2020 | Maryam Mahdi
How can companies be encouraged to develop treatments for the growing number of patients living with CNS disorders?
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