Judging the New Kid on the Block
08/14/2019 | Pasi Kemppainen
Is blockchain truly the solution the industry's been looking for?
Nominate Now for The Medicine Maker 2019 Innovation Awards
Do you want to share the story behind your technology in a future issue of The Medicine Maker?
The Sleeping Giant
08/13/2019 | Stephanie Sutton
Will the antibiotic apocalypse kill us all?
The Phoenix of Process Innovation
08/14/2019 | James Strachan, Stephanie Sutton
Meet CPI: the UK not-for-profit dedicated to de-risking innovation.
NextGen Now – The Future of Cell Therapy

Don’t miss our webinar to find out what the future of cell therapy will look like. Get in-depth insight into future trends, the importance of automating processes and the impact of new technologies... Read More.

White Papers
In vitro bioequivalence studies for oral solid dose products

The Morphologi® ID can be used to compare material and chemical properties of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in a drug product using Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy (MDRS®). Read More.

Exploring the Value of GPC/SEC in Polysaccharide Characterization

The properties of polymeric excipients can directly affect the clinical efficacy, safety, and quality of a finished pharmaceutical product and are routinely identified as critical quality attributes (CQAs). Read More.

Special Promotion
Born to Be Manufactured

Tablets are the preferred dosage form for both patients and drug manufacturers; the tableting process is well established, but the science and engineering go deeper than you might expect... Read More.


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