Is there a place for traditional medicine in pharma? Dorcas Osei-Safo, a researcher from the University of Ghana, discusses this issue with us and explores how they can be standardized to play a more significant role in the treatment of neglected tropical diseases. We also sit down with one of our Power List winners Johannes Khinast, CEO of the Research Center for Pharmaceutical Engineering, to discuss the role of continuous manufacturing in the industry’s continued progress. Find these stories and more below.

Maryam Mahdi, Associate Editor.

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 A Practical Guide to Immune Monitoring Techniques


What are the key immune monitoring platforms, and how can they be best leveraged? This white paper explores common as well as advanced immune monitoring methods, factors to consider when choosing an approach, and provides real-world insight into common questions. Download Now

The Pandemic Diaries
How has COVID-19 affected the pharma industry and medicine makers across the world?
A Little Less Conventional
04/09/2021 | Maryam Mahdi
Is there a place for traditional medicines in the pharmaceutical industry?
The Only Science Is Good Science
We interview Johannes Khinast, CEO and Scientific Director of the Research Center for Pharmaceutical Engineering (RCPE), Graz, Austria.
Fighting Fake COVID-19 Treatments
03/31/2021 | Stephanie Sutton
Fake COVID-19 treatments and vaccines are abound – but the FDA is on the case.
White Papers
Protein stability analysis technologies for the biopharmaceutical industry

This buyer's guide discusses the available instrumentation for protein stability characterization, and what to consider when choosing stability assays. Protein stability and higher order structure is used to assist with biocomparability studies. Read more

Generic Nasal Spray Design

How spray formulations and devices interact to impact drug delivery performance. Read more

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Stemline® XF MSC Medium

Unlike other xeno-free formulations, which vary significantly in batch-to-batch performance, Stemline® XF MSC Medium supports superior, consistent expansion performance of MSCs in both planar and microcarrier culture formats. Learn more about how to bring higher yield and functionality to your process. Learn more

Cambrex Webinar: Rapid & Data-Rich Chromatographic Method Development

Accurate and robust analytical methods for assay and impurity profiling of NCEs in pharmaceutical analysis is a complex task, and no single approach to method development is guaranteed to be suitable. Learn more

The Power List - Celebrating inspirational medicine makers in three different categories!

The 2021 Power List recognizes the inspirational minds that contribute to the development and manufacture of groundbreaking new medicines, including small molecules, biopharmaceuticals, and advanced therapies. See The Power List Today!

Small Molecule Market Opportunities, Challenges, and More

Thought leaders from Cambrex discuss market opportunities for small molecules, the drug development challenges of hydrates, best practices for pediatric medicines, and more in this eBook.

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