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Discovery & Development

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

APIs from the Algorithm

| Stephanie Vine | 2 min read

DRAGONFLY deep learning meets de novo drug design – and Roche has already tested the approach

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

Combination Revelation

| Rob Coker | 2 min read

Could J&J’s combination treatment for PAH bridge the gaps between guidelines and practice, while easing the burden on patients?

Discovery & Development Clinical Trials

For Faster Trials, Improve Feasibility

| Christine Senn | 6 min read

The burden on clinical trials designers and healthcare professionals can only be eased by fixing a broken process: trial feasibility.

Discovery & Development Clinical Trials

Regeneron on the Digital Age of Clinical Trials

| 6 min read

The world is taking more interest in clinical trials. How are clinical trials adapting? Regeneron’s Bari Kowal keeps us updated.

Discovery & Development Formulation

MR Control

| Asma Patel, John McDermott | 4 min read

Developing modified release formulations can be complex – but a translational pharmaceutics approach can smooth the path

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

ADCs Versus Solid Tumors

| Stephanie Vine | 3 min read

Drug developers place their bets on the ROR-1 antigen in the battle against solid tumors.

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

Top Treatment Prospects: Alzheimer’s Disease

| Jamie Irvine | 9 min read

Experts discuss the most exciting Alzheimer’s Disease treatment trends – and make bold predictions for the future

Discovery & Development Ingredients

USP: A Mission Focused on Quality and Safety

| Chaitanya Koduri | 11 min read

Following on from deaths attributed to contaminated medicines, here’s how the US Pharmacopeia is promoting testing for DEG and EG.

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

Advancements in the Fight Against Alzheimer's Disease

| Mallikarjun Chityala | 3 min read

Progress in Alzheimer’s Disease research, but a cure will take time. Delaying it and disseminating that research may buy scientists the time they need

Discovery & Development Formulation

Think Smaller: Interviewing Nanoform’s Edward Hæggström

| 5 min read

We ask about the story behind Nanoform and what nanotechnology could do for drug formulation.

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