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Discovery & Development

Discovery & Development Clinical Trials

Body Positive

| Rob Coker | 2 min read

Almirall’s humanized monoclonal antibody treatment for psoriasis brings positivity for patients

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

SMM Screening

| 5 min read

Why small molecule microarrays are leading the way in small molecule drug discovery

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

The Cardiovascular Regulators

| Jamie Irvine | 5 min read

Scientists unearth new molecular targets on AT1R that could lead to improved drugs for heart disease

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

Reaching for RNA

| Stephanie Vine | 7 min read

The COVID-19 pandemic has helped propel the RNA field forward, but manufacturing and funding challenges lie ahead.

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

Science Fiction Comes to Life

| Rob Coker | 3 min read

Researchers are working on ways to introduce nanoscale artificial life-forms to viruses with the aim of mimicking the human immune system

Discovery & Development Formulation

The Sulforaphane Promise

| Helen Kuhlman | 4 min read

Sulforaphane has therapeutic potential in numerous areas but formulation is key. Can enteric coatings help find the way forward?

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

New Antibiotic on the Block

| Jamie Irvine | 2 min read

New antibiotic candidate Clovibactin eliminates bacteria without developing resistance

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

The Chance to Stop – or Even Prevent – Neurodegenerative Diseases

| Andrea Pfeifer | 7 min read

Will our generation be the last to face untreatable Alzheimer’s disease? With predictive biomarkers and active immunotherapies, just maybe.

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

The VLP Promise

| Nicholas (Nik) Barbet | 4 min read

Here’s why virus-like particles could open a new chapter in combating disease.

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

The Cutting Room Floor

| Jamie Irvine | 2 min read

Scientists are targeting EV-A71 RNA viruses using an adeno-associated virus-delivered CRISPR-Cas13 editor

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