Kristen Heger, a CAR T pioneer who was involved in some of the first trials in the late 1990s, blogs the story of her "misadventure" in the snowy High Sierras of Northern California – we share her five leadership lessons learned. Elsewhere, Jonathan Rhone explains how manufacturers reduce the presence of pharmaceutical ingredients in the environment, while Mary Medeiros highlights the importance of strong partnerships between ATMP companies and their suppliers for smoothing the path to the clinic.


All the best, James Strachan, Deputy Editor

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Lessons in Misadventure
03/26/2021 | James Strachan
Kristen Hege, CAR T pioneer and adventurer, tells the story of her "misadventure" in the snowy High Sierras of Northern California.
A Smaller Piece of PiE
03/25/2021 | Jonathan Rhone
Let’s reduce the impact of pharmaceutical effluent on the environment.
Smooth Transfer Moves
03/27/2021 | Alan Steven
Technology transfer is full of risks. But risks can be mitigated with the right strategy.
Eyes on Endotoxins
03/26/2021 | Mary Medeiros
Suppliers of reagents and buffers need to adhere to quality systems.
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