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Advancing Medicine

This special PDF supplement focuses on one of the most exciting fields of medicine that has emerged in recent years – advanced therapies. According to the EMA, advanced therapy medicinal products are medicines based on genes or cells that offer “groundbreaking new opportunities for the treatment of disease and injury”.

A handful of cell and gene therapy products have already been approved by US or EU regulators – and more are set to follow. Cell and gene therapies are still a very long way from the hype of complete cures and revolutionary treatment options, but many are encouraged by the speed at which the field is progressing. We know that cell therapies can have clinical effects; the questions now are what conditions can benefit? How do we maximize efficacy and safety? And how do we scale up manufacture to reach larger patient numbers?

In this supplement, gurus from across the field discuss the progress that advanced medicines are making, and how the industry is approaching the complex challenges posed by the supply chain and commercial manufacture.

List of articles

Hype to Hope

A handful of cell- and gene-based therapies have now been approved, and more are sure to follow.

Putting a Stop to Cell Therapy “Snake Oil”

We need to stop companies from using loopholes to sell unproven cell therapies to desperate patients.

Conducting the Supply Chain Orchestra

To effectively develop advanced therapies, you need the right supply chain management.

Being Seen and Heard

In the growing field of advanced therapies, it's important to stick out from the crowd.

What About Gene Therapies?

As fast as gene therapies are progessing, there's still one major hurdle to overcome: cost.

Gurus of Advanced Medicine

Five gurus discuss the exciting developments in advanced medicine, and what the field needs to move forward.

The Big (Bio) Freeze

When it comes to cryopreserving cell therapies, there's a right way - and a wrong way…

Banking on Cell Therapy

Sitting down with Steve Oh from the Stem Cell Bioprocessing, Bioprocessing Technology Institute, A*STAR

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