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Drug Discovery

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

Minds, Interrupted

| Ashlea Segal, Alex Fornito | 2 min read

Researchers develop a new approach to mapping the individual heterogeneity of brain changes in mental disorders

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

A Chip Off the New Block

| Tomasz Kostrzewski | 3 min read

In vivo animal models have brought much to the science behind the drug development industry, but how far behind are organ-on-a-chip models?

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

Opiate Dreams and Nightmares

| Jamie Irvine | 3 min read

Experimental insomnia drug shows promise in alleviating opioid withdrawal symptoms and opioid-seeking behavior

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

Making Miracles

| 6 min read

After serving as Head of Research Development at Trinity College Dublin, Fiona Killard-Lynch became Director of Research and Innovation at NIBRT

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

The Clinical Cosmos: Exploring Medicine's New Frontier

| Deepika Khedekar | 7 min read

Deepika Khedekar explores the unique environment of space and its implications for clinical research.

Business & Regulation Digital Technologies

Can AI Tackle Drug Shortages?

| Jo Varshney | 4 min read

Exploring the role of AI in helping bring more medicines to market.

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

Alzheimer’s Disease: The Winds of Progress

| Jamie Irvine | 10 min read

Howard Fillit shares his views on the historical research lag, the slim successes so far, and the target pathways that offer most hope

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

QTOF: Quick Off the Mark for Oligonucleotide Analysis

| Timo Schierling, Julia Schneider, Stephan Seiffert, Christian Albers | 4 min read

Experts from Axolabs GmbH and Bruker Daltonics explain the benefits behind mass spectrometry for oligonucleotides in drug discovery

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

Creating CRISPR Chickens

| Jamie Irvine | 4 min read

Researchers genetically modify chickens to build bird-flu resistance – read more here.

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

SMM Screening

| 5 min read

Why small molecule microarrays are leading the way in small molecule drug discovery

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