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Dosage Forms

Discovery & Development Business Practice

Investigating the deagglomeration profiles of dry powder inhaler formulations

Which equipment can measure how the particle size delivered by a dry powder inhaler (DPI) changes as a function of applied air flow rate, providing a deagglomeration profile which can be used to compare the performance of different formulations in a device and improve drug delivery.

Discovery & Development Business Practice

Detecting agglomerates within pharmaceutical formulations

Particle agglomeration can compromise the clinical efficacy of pharmaceutical products and must therefore be closely controlled. This article provides practical guidance on using automated imaging for efficient agglomerate detection.

Manufacture Business Practice

Using GPC/SEC for excipient characterization

OMNISEC measures the Critical Quality Attributes of polymeric pharmaceutical excipients with unrivalled sensitivity supporting their efficient use to formulate safe and effective pharmaceutical products.

Discovery & Development Business Practice

Measurement and characterization of protein-LMW compound interactions

Measurement and characterization of binding interactions between proteins and low-molecular weight (LMW) ligands are a focus of academic research and drug discovery. Isothermal titration calorimetry directly measures heat released or absorbed in a binding event, providing means for studying protein-small molecule interactions in solution without the need for labeling or immobilization. Importantly, ITC is often utilized to characterize differences in entropic and enthalpic contributions to binding of novel ligands.

Discovery & Development Packaging

Beyond Keeping Up Appearances

| Charlotte Miller

You have the perfect drug and the right packaging to protect it. All is well until the medication reaches the patient, who habitually pops the tablets into another container for easy storage or leaves them exposed to the atmosphere. Film coatings are more than just a pretty face.

Discovery & Development Business Practice

Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy used for the characterization of protein aggregates in suspension

This application note explores the use of the Morphologi G3-ID for Morphologically-Directed Raman spectroscopy (MDRS) to identify and analyze contaminants including protein aggregates present in a stressed sample of lysozyme, and to compare particles held in suspension within a thin path wet cell with those collected on a filter membrane.

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

Don't Neglect Needles!

New drug delivery technologies have their place, but so too do traditional needle injections…

Discovery & Development Business Practice

Design and formulation of nanomedicines

In this white paper the specific mechanisms by which nanoparticles are designed and formulated for therapeutic purposes and in which NTA has had a significant part to play is discussed.

Discovery & Development Biosimilars

Taylor Dispersion Analysis explained

Taylor Dispersion Analysis is an ultra-low volume, microcapillary flow technique for sizing and stability of biomolecules in complex solutions, and offers advantages for orthogonal and complementary biophysical characterization measurements.

Discovery & Development Business Practice

Accelerate liquid formulation development for protein biopharmaceuticals

The work presented here illustrates how Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) is used in the early stages of protein characterization to rapidly provide critical data about protein stability that can be used as a guide to support and accelerate liquid formulation.


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