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Bioprocessing - Single Use Systems

Manufacture Business Practice

Using GPC/SEC for excipient characterization

OMNISEC measures the Critical Quality Attributes of polymeric pharmaceutical excipients with unrivalled sensitivity supporting their efficient use to formulate safe and effective pharmaceutical products.

Manufacture Bioprocessing - Upstream & Downstream

Biopharma’s Continuous Future

| Sponsored by Pall Biotech

Traditional pharma manufacturers are already dipping their toes in the waters of continuous processing, but what about when it comes to biopharmaceuticals?

Discovery & Development Formulation

Therapeutic protein products used for the differentiation and characterization of subvisible particulates

This application note provides an example of how Archimedes can be used to detect and quantify the formation of protein sub-visible particles and the introduction of silicone oil droplets, in response to shear stress.

Manufacture Business Practice

Assessing the effect of formulation composition on spidroin charge and stability

Work performed in conjunction with Spiber Technologies, Uppsala, Sweden. Use of dynamic and electrophoretic light scattering to assess the effects of protein formulation composition

Manufacture Business Practice

BioProcess Insights

| Sponsored by GE Healthcare

A collection of articles examining the trends and challenges of bioprocessing

Discovery & Development Business Practice

Design and formulation of nanomedicines

In this white paper the specific mechanisms by which nanoparticles are designed and formulated for therapeutic purposes and in which NTA has had a significant part to play is discussed.

Manufacture Bioprocessing - Single Use Systems

The Rise of Asia’s Biotech Tigers

| Sponsored by GE Healthcare

The western world could be considered king of the biotech jungle, but eager biopharma tigers from the east are hungry for a piece of the action – and they are gaining ground. Can single-use technologies help them to catch up even faster? Jinghui Xu believes so.

Manufacture Bioprocessing - Upstream & Downstream

Breaking the Bioprocessing Bottleneck

| Sponsored by GE Healthcare

Battling logjams in downstream processing is a constant challenge, but even when it feels like there’s no room for maneuver, small yet clever steps can help gain efficiency. And sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can find new and surprising solutions.

Manufacture Bioprocessing - Single Use Systems

Disposing of the Past and Embracing Single-Use Technology

| Stephanie Sutton

Single-use technology is ready to lend a helping hand to biomanufacturing, but is the industry ready to turn away from stainless steel? A hybrid manufacturing model could benefit from the best of both worlds.

Manufacture Bioprocessing - Single Use Systems

Bringing Vaccines into the 21st Century

| Sponsored by GE Healthcare

Medicine manufacturing has benefited from countless advances in technology over the last few decades, and yet many vaccines are still being produced with decade-old processes. Change is never easy, but is falling behind really an option?


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