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March 2018 Issue of The Medicine Maker

Welcome to the March issue. Upfront news this month investigates a new way to tackle pain and the future of Irish biopharma following Brexit. Tiffany Overstreet argues for the role of packaging in patient adherence, in “In My View”, while our cover feature asks how pharma logistics can be improved – and whether airfreight or sea freight is the best option. In Best Practice, we explore upcoming eCTD deadlines, and in Profession, Thomas Jefferson University and NIBRT team up to deliver better training for the next generation of biopharma experts. We also sit down with Bruno Sepodes, Professor of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy at the University of Lisbon.

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Articles featured in this issue

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Calling Time on Bad Behavior

| Roisin McGuigan

The pharma industry is no stranger to sexual harassment, but companies are now taking a more public stance on the matter.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

First in Class

| Roisin McGuigan

Pharma steals the two top spots in a ranking of the best online corporate communications.

Manufacture Small Molecules

Ancient Herbs with Modern Promise?

| Roisin McGuigan

A new collaboration aims to put ancient Chinese ingredients to the test.

Discovery & Development Clinical Trials

Hurt Blocker

| James Strachan

Researchers develop a new way to tackle pain: inhibition of RNA-protein interactions.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Towards Transparency

| James Strachan

Health Technology Assessments are a way of life for the pharma industry, but are all HTAs equal?

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Will Irish Eyes Keep Smiling?

| James Strachan

“Brexit and Trump” were the talk of Dublin town at the 2018 Biopharma Ambition conference.

Manufacture Standards & Regulation

Raising the Biosimilar Banner

| Stephanie Vine

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb wants more biosimilars on the US market.

Discovery & Development Business Practice

Trials of a Medicine Maker

Eva has some bad news for Gene in the latest edition of "Trials of a Medicine Maker."

Manufacture Technology and Equipment

And The Winner Is…

Following an online vote, we reveal the winners of The Medicine Maker 2017 Innovation Awards.

Manufacture Analytical Science

Through the Looking Glass

| Niek Buurma

There is a lack of attention given to racemization in drug discovery…

Manufacture Packaging

All About the Box

| Tiffany Overstreet

Patient adherence is a known issue, but what role does packaging play?

Manufacture Business Practice

Pharma Logistics: Up in the Air or in Deep Water?

| James Strachan

What can be done to improve logistics? And which mode of transport should companies choose?

Manufacture Business Practice

Pharma Logistics 101: Up, Up and Away?

| Alan Kennedy

Alan Kennedy gives an introduction to pharma logistics and discusses where improvements could be made.

Manufacture Business Practice

Is the Tide Turning?

| Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards argues that companies should transport the majority of their products via sea.

Manufacture Business Practice

Need for Speed

Wraight and Krems argue that when it comes to value (as opposed to volume), air rules the waves.

Manufacture Business Practice

Logistical Nightmares

| James Strachan

We’ve heard some of the shortcomings of pharma logistics, but what happens when things go wrong?

Manufacture Business Practice

Air or Sea: the Verdict

| James Strachan

Airfreight or sea cargo: the verdict.

Manufacture Business Practice

Compliance and Collaboration

Unless the industry sets up compliant supply chains, wastage will continue to be a problem.

Business & Regulation Technology and Equipment

Easy as eCTD?

| Pallavi Trivedi

Deadlines for mandatory eCTD transitioning are approaching!

Business & Regulation Bioprocessing - Single Use Systems

Training the Workforce of the Future

| Kathy Gallagher and Ron Kander

Jefferson and NIBRT unite to better equip the workers of tomorrow.

Business & Regulation Standards & Regulation

No Better Time to Be Humble

| Bruno Sepodes

Sitting Down With Bruno Sepodes, Professor of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, University of Lisbon.

Manufacture Bioprocessing - Upstream & Downstream

Preparing for the Paradigm Shift in Bioprocessing

In chromatography, we must continually strive to improve productivity, quality and overall process economy.

Manufacture Bioprocessing - Upstream & Downstream

How to Beat the Bottleneck

| Sponsored by Cytiva

Now is the time to push bioprocess efficiencies even further...

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