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August 2018 Issue of The Medicine Maker

“Welcome to the August issue. Upfront looks at women’s participation in clinical trials, and a robotic arm that could enable non-destructive analysis of drugs on the assembly line. Stephen Wilkins asks why medical packaging is still failing elderly people in In My View, while our cover feature tells the story of Gil Roth’s quest to provide better representation for CDMOs. The second article in our Biopharma Trends series explores staff development in the industry, and in Next Gen we look at the reality behind the “doom and gloom” headlines surrounding Alzheimer’s research. Finally, we Sit Down With Melissa Hanna-Brown, Analytical Technology & Innovation Lead of Pfizer Global R&D.”

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Articles featured in this issue

Business & Regulation Standards & Regulation

Too Many Cooks

| Roisin McGuigan

Thought that most companies understood good manufacturing practice? Think again – there are always a few bad eggs.

Discovery & Development Clinical Trials

What Women Want

| Stephanie Vine

Women, like men, want good medicines that have been tested in clinical trials involving fair representation of both sexes.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Brexit: Preparing Is Caring

| James Strachan

Most, but not all, UK pharma companies are on track to keep their medicines on the European market by March, 2019.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

MAICing a Decision

| James Strachan

Do methods that compare newly approved drugs with those already on the market help cut healthcare costs?

Manufacture Analytical Science

The Future’s RoSA

| Joanna Cummings

A robotic arm takes mass spec analysis of 3D objects to the next level.

Business & Regulation Business Practice


| James Strachan

First-of-its-kind Parkinson’s trial, Brexit woes, and a vaccine scandal in China… What’s new for pharma in business?

Manufacture Bioprocessing - Upstream & Downstream

Trials of a Medicine Maker

Gene encounters some challenges with chromatographic performance.

Discovery & Development Clinical Trials

Positive Results in Alzheimer’s Trial

| Stephanie Vine

After many years of clinical trial failures in Alzheimer’s disease, pharma sees some positive results – although caution is recommended.

Discovery & Development Clinical Trials

Pharma Fiction

| Stephanie Vine

A new comedy series focuses on pharma and a clinical trial gone wrong.

Manufacture Biosimilars

For Patients, Not Profits

| Stephanie Vine

A new not-for-profit company will manufacture important generics in the US

Business & Regulation Packaging

Designing Packaging for the Elderly

| Stephen Wilkins

Why are we still making life difficult for a growing patient population when solutions exist?

Manufacture Drug Delivery

The Great Gelatin Debate

| Bjorn Vergauwen

Why we shouldn’t forget gelatin’s longstanding reputation as a reliable and trusted excipient.

Discovery & Development Contract Development Services

Standing up for the Invisible Manufacturers

| Gil Roth

The collective viewpoints and challenges of CDMOs have been overlooked once too often. PBOA was born to give them a voice.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Just Can’t Get the Staff!

| James Strachan

Which biopharma positions are hardest to fill? What skills are most in demand? And what can companies do to ensure they discover and nurture talent?

Discovery & Development Clinical Trials

Bringing Alzheimer’s in from the Cold

| Roisin McGuigan

With big pharma seemingly pulling out of the field, what hope remains for novel treatments for Alzheimer’s disease?

Manufacture Business Practice

Nanoformulations: Reach for the (Micro)Sun!

| James Strachan

The UK’s Centre for Process Innovation targets easier manufacturing of nanoformulated medicines.

Manufacture Analytical Science

Faster for Pharma

| Joanna Cummings

Sitting Down With... Melissa Hanna-Brown, Analytical Technology & Innovation Lead, Pfizer Global R&D, Sandwich, UK.

Manufacture Ingredients

Perfect Process; Perfect Match

| Beatriz Domínguez and Ahir Pushpanath

Enzyme engineering has opened up new possibilities in biocatalysis, but computational techniques and smart libraries also make wildtypes feasible. The choice is yours.

Manufacture Standards & Regulation

Getting to Grips With the New Generation

| Herb Lutz and Brian Hubbard

How will biopharmaceutical process development be affected by next-generation technologies?

Manufacture Quality & Compliance

Cutting-Edge LC-MS: Essential Technology in the Pharma Toolbox

| Brunhilde Guessregen

Where would drug development be without liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry – the hyphenated technique more commonly known as LC-MS?

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