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January 2018 Issue of The Medicine Maker

Welcome to the January issue. Upfront investigates a half-century-old “bet hedging” hypothesis, which explains the effectiveness of many common cancer drug combinations. Simon Pearce says we need to explore the chemical space outside of Lipinski’s five rules in “In My View.” Our cover navigates the trends and challenges affecting pharma manufacturing with the help of three gurus. In Best Practice, we explore the importance of sharing negative trial results; and in Profession, Annalisa Jenkins tells the story of her career, which spans the British Navy and pharma boardrooms worldwide. We also Sit Down With Tony van Bijleveld from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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Articles featured in this issue

Manufacture Business Practice

Hopes and Fears

| Stephanie Vine

The year 2018 will be one of yet more drug approvals, but which areas will be neglected?

Discovery & Development Formulation

Taste Maker

| James Strachan

Some patients, particularly children, find medicines unpalatable – and genetics could be the cause.

Manufacture Small Molecules

Battling the Bugs

| Stephanie Vine

London’s Science Museum highlights superbugs and the stars that fight against them in a new exhibition.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

You’ve Got the Power!

| Stephanie Vine

Who will be chosen for The Medicine Maker 2018 Power List? The power is in your hands.

Manufacture Small Molecules

Beating the Resistance

Should we target minor rather than major infections with new therapeutics to best fight antibiotic resistance?

Manufacture Clinical Trials

Forgotten, but not Gone

| James Strachan

A half-century-old “bet hedging” hypothesis explains the effectiveness of many drug combinations.

Discovery & Development Bioprocessing - Upstream & Downstream

Trials of a Medicine Maker

Why your efforts to introduce "PAT" may not be working as intended…

Discovery & Development Clinical Trials

Manage the Relationship

| Muna Kugler

Outsourcing partnerships aim to reduce costs and improve efficiencies, but don't overlook the human elements!

Manufacture Formulation

Beyond the Rule of Five

| Simon Pearce

We need to explore the chemical space outside of Lipinski’s rules.

Discovery & Development Business Practice

Adopting an Orphan (Drug)

| Pan Pantziarka and Gauthier Bouche

New cancer treatments may be lying right under our noses – if we are willing to take a commercial risk.

Manufacture Bioprocessing - Upstream & Downstream

What Lies Ahead for Manufacturing?

| Stephanie Vine

What trends and new technologies await the pharma industry in 2018 and beyond?

Manufacture Analytical Science

Taking Down a Goliath

| Joanna Cummings

Big pharma, vulnerable supply chains, and an international religious network…

Discovery & Development Formulation

Prioritizing the Pediatric Dosage Puzzle

| Rachel Meyers

How do we fix the course of pediatric medicine to ensure the best treatments for children of all ages?

Discovery & Development Clinical Trials

Balancing the Cost of Success and Failure

| Ian Catchpole

Publishing negative results might not flatter – but it does matter.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

A Second Tour of Duty… Lessons Learned with Annalisa Jenkins

| Annalisa Jenkins

Annalisa explains how the military gave her an excellent platform to launch a high-level career in pharma.

Discovery & Development Business Practice

Spirit of Columbus

| Tony van Bijleveld

Sitting Down With… Tony van Bijleveld, BU Head of Softgels, Pharma Services Group, Thermo Fisher Scientific, the Netherlands.

Discovery & Development Bioprocessing - Upstream & Downstream

A New Era for Cell Culture Media

How a better understanding of raw materials has increased the potential for biopharmaceutical companies to understand their process variability.

Manufacture Packaging

Time to Set Standards

| Sponsored by Schott

Learn how standardization in primary packaging can reduce complexity and time to market.

Manufacture Formulation

In Conversation with Francois Scheffler of BASF at CPhI 2017

The Medicine Maker's James Strachan speaks with Francois Scheffler from BASF.

Manufacture Ingredients

In Conversation with Dago Caceres of Dow Pharmaceuticals at CPhI 2017

The Medicine Maker's William Aryitey speaks with Dago Caceres from Dow Pharmaceuticals.

Manufacture Formulation

In Conversation with Paul Evans of Johnson Matthey at CPhI 2017

The Medicine Maker's James Strachan speaks with Paul Evans from Johnson Matthey.

Manufacture Packaging

Raise Your IQ

| Sponsored by Schott

We believe a standardized approach to primary packaging will give companies more filling-line flexibility.

Manufacture Packaging

In a Glass of its Own

| Sponsored by Schott

The increasing number of highly toxic and/or sensitive drugs is driving innovation in glass technology…

Manufacture Packaging

Optimizing Surfaces

| Sponsored by Schott

Different options can help to minimize the risk of delamination, protecting sensitive drugs or improving lyophilization results.

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