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April 2016 Issue of The Medicine Maker

Welcome to the April issue. Our upfront topics range from a bio-responsive insulin, to the effect of functionalized glass on the crystallization process; and Ann Hayes discusses the Drug Discovery of the Year award in In My Views. We feature the 2016 Medicine Maker Power List, celebrating brilliance and diversity found within our field. In best practice, Charlotte Miller discusses the benefits of coated tablets. In Business, we speak with Bruno Speder about how regulatory strategy can set small firms apart; and we Sit Down With Keith Thompson, Christian Schneider, Director of the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC), UK.

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Articles featured in this issue

Business & Regulation Business Practice

A Battle of the Sexes

The Power List is back, but is it a fair representation of the male to female ratio in our industry?

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Mega-Merger Not To Be

| James Strachan

A newly introduced tax law in the US puts an end to the would-be mega-merger between Pfizer and Allergan

Discovery & Development Technology and Equipment

Bio-Responsive Insulin Delivery

| James Strachan

A “smart” synthetic patch uses live pancreatic cells to painlessly deliver insulin through microneedles – on demand

Manufacture Drug Delivery

Harnessing Adeno-Associated Viruses

| James Strachan

AAV vectors are a promising tool for gene therapy and regenerative medicine, but only if they can be manufactured efficiently

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Parting Shot

| James Strachan

Sir Andrew Witty seeks to cement his legacy as GSK addresses patents and medicines access in the developing world

Discovery & Development Formulation

As Clear as Crystallization

| James Strachan

Functionalized glass is shown to trigger nucleation of specific crystal forms

Discovery & Development Analytical Science

Affliction Prediction

| James Strachan

Could drug development be guided by a new algorithm that predicts the side effects of potential medicines?

Manufacture Small Molecules

Moving from Batch to Continuous

| James Strachan

The first switch from batch to continuous manufacturing has been made – and approved by the FDA. Will pharma’s future be continuous?

Manufacture Business Practice

What Price Glory?

| Ann Hayes

The pharmaceutical industry receives its fair share of both praise and scorn. Behind the politics, the hard work and impressive achievements of legions of industry researchers often go unnoticed.

Business & Regulation Standards & Regulation

Time to Limit Antibiotic Pollution

| Johan Bengtsson-Palme, D. G. Joakim Larsson

The use and misuse of antibiotics is a major driver behind the drug-resistance problem, but large environmental discharges of antibiotics from pharma manufacturing can also contribute. It’s time for companies to live up to their ethical responsibilities.

Discovery & Development Analytical Science

The Search for the Ideal Detector

| Dorina Kotoni

Will aerosol-based detectors ever meet all the needs of the pharmaceutical industry?

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Welcome to The Power List 2016

Welcome to The Power List 2016

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Making Small Biotech Work

| Bruno Speder

Innovation is increasingly coming from small biotechs, but such companies rely on external funding to develop the compounds. A solid regulatory strategy is essential to convince investors to fund the further development.

Discovery & Development Packaging

Beyond Keeping Up Appearances

| Charlotte Miller

You have the perfect drug and the right packaging to protect it. All is well until the medication reaches the patient, who habitually pops the tablets into another container for easy storage or leaves them exposed to the atmosphere. Film coatings are more than just a pretty face.

Business & Regulation Clinical Trials

Back to Biologics

| Christian Schneider

Sitting Down With... Christian Schneider, Director of the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC), UK.

Discovery & Development Formulation

Controlling Crystallization

Researchers working to gain greater knowledge into crystallization believe that functionalized glass can trigger nucleation of specific crystals.

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

Around the World in 80 Microbes

| William Aryitey

Drug discovery doesn’t always begin in the lab…

Discovery & Development Clinical Trials

More Trial, Less Error

| Sponsored by Catalent

The pressure for increased efficiency pervades the pharma industry, including the clinical trials sector, where traditional supply models can lead to overstocking, waste and higher costs. Is there a more effective supply strategy?

Manufacture Packaging

Glass delamination brought under control

Dr. Bernhard Hladik from SCHOTT breaks down the delamination phenomenon and describes how pharma manufacturers can effectively fight back.

Manufacture Formulation

Solubilization challenges need new ways of bringing chemistry and engineering knowledge together

Hot Melt Extrusion helps to enable pharmaceutical companies to literally solve their solubilization issue.

Discovery & Development Business Practice

Design and formulation of nanomedicines

In this white paper the specific mechanisms by which nanoparticles are designed and formulated for therapeutic purposes and in which NTA has had a significant part to play is discussed.

Manufacture Business Practice

Assessing the effect of formulation composition on spidroin charge and stability

Work performed in conjunction with Spiber Technologies, Uppsala, Sweden. Use of dynamic and electrophoretic light scattering to assess the effects of protein formulation composition

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