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April 2015 Issue of The Medicine Maker

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Articles featured in this issue

Business & Regulation Business Practice

The Power of the List

| Charlotte Barker

Celebrating medicine makers of all stripes in our Top 100, we present The Medicine Maker Power List 2015!

Manufacture Small Molecules

Cutting the Cost of Antibodies

| Stephanie Vine

By eliminating protein A, researchers aim to deliver continuous processing at a fraction of the cost of conventional techniques.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Generic Love Triangle

| Stephanie Vine

It’s the timeless story: Teva wants Mylan, Mylan wants Perrigo, and Perrigo wants none of it

Manufacture Small Molecules

Ebola’s Genomic Drift

| Stephanie Vine

What impact will genetic changes have on new medicines currently in development?

Manufacture Standards & Regulation

To Err is Human

| Stephanie Vine

But can pharma manufacturers do more to help prevent medication errors?

Manufacture Small Molecules

Enzyme Evolution

| Charlotte Barker

By mimicking natural evolution of enzymes, researchers are creating biocatalysts for reactions unheard of in nature.

Business & Regulation Packaging

‘Fingerprinting’ Drug Labels to Fight Fraud

| Charlotte Barker

Using tiny imperfections in the printing process to track individual products through the supply chain

Manufacture Small Molecules

The Post-Antibiotic Phage

| Rob Bragg

Will bacteriophages be the savior of the human race in the post-antibiotic era or is it just pie in the sky?

Discovery & Development Analytical Science

Making Room for Improvement

| Dennis Åsberg

To make way for more flexible approved analytical methods in pharma, we need a better understanding of the underlying scientific principles.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

The Big Leap from Academic to Entrepreneur

| Seth Lederman

To launch a new company, you’ll need great science…and great perseverance.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Protecting Intellectual Property

| Mark Bloomfield

When it comes to IP, large companies regularly trample over the rights of smaller firms.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Innovation in Flux

| Jon Platt

Over 70 percent of pharma leaders admit their business relies heavily on fading revenue streams.

Manufacture Business Practice

Eye on the Prize

Sitting Down With... Dirk Sauer, Novartis’ Global Head, Development Franchise Ophthalmics.

Discovery & Development Analytical Science


| Jasna Peter-Katalinić

We talk to Jasna Peter-Katalinic – a pioneer of the field - about her life in glycan analysis.

Manufacture Business Practice

Beyond SOPs – Exploring the rigor and requirements of Analytical QbD

Analytical QbD (AQbD) promises to extend the rigor and benefits of QbD into the area of analytical method development.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Real-time particle sizing for granulation control

This paper considers wet and dry granulation processes and the use of real-time particle size measurements in their optimization, focusing on the application of real-time laser diffraction and spatial filter velocimetry measurements.

Discovery & Development Facilities

Laser diffraction and automated imaging: complementary techniques for nasal spray development

Nasal spray products are increasingly valued for delivering systemic as well as locally-acting therapies, most notably hormone and migraine treatments

Business & Regulation Drug Delivery

Accelerating the deformulation workflow for oral solid dosage forms

In this white paper we examine the deformulation workflow, demonstrating the value of the technique of Morphologically Directed Raman Spectroscopy (MDRS) within this context.

Manufacture Business Practice

The big reveal: Workhorse + Innovation = more information (Part 1)

| Sponsored by Malvern Panalytical

Progress is too often hampered by our inability to gather the information needed to make advances.

Manufacture Clinical Trials

Characterizing Liposomes for Drug Delivery

| Sponsored by Malvern Panalytical

Researchers examine the application and usefulness of nanoparticle tracking analysis and dynamic light scattering techniques in the characterization of liposomes used as drug delivery vehicles.

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