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March 2015 Issue of The Medicine Maker

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Articles featured in this issue

Manufacture Small Molecules

Practical Innovation

| Charlotte Barker

It's important to remember that innovation in pharma isn’t synonymous with drug discovery.

Manufacture Biosimilars

America’s Most Wanted: Biosimilars

| Charlotte Barker

We catch up with Carol Lynch, Global Head of Biopharmaceuticals & Oncology Injectables at Sandoz.

Discovery & Development Clinical Trials

Silent Data

| Stephanie Vine

Information from “stalled” drug trials should be published, not tossed aside

Manufacture Small Molecules

Rewarding Humanity

| Stephanie Vine

An antimalarial medicine-making project wins the inaugural Humanity in Science Award.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Mining Social Media

| Stephanie Vine

New technology interprets slang and banter to find out what people really think

Business & Regulation Packaging

Personalized Labels

| Stephanie Vine

Just how prevalent is pharmacogenomic information on European drug labels?

Discovery & Development Standards & Regulation

Premature Revelation

| Stephanie Vine

FDA scolds company for revealing interim trial results

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Funding Dementia Discovery

| Stephanie Vine

$100 million pledged to kick start investment in new research

Discovery & Development Formulation

Small Pharma

| Helen Sammons

Legislation on pediatric medicines is sowing the seeds for a better future, but we must maintain momentum if children are to get the best possible care.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Supplying Health to the Whole World

| Natalie Privett

Without proper supply chain management, efforts to supply drugs to the developing world are wasted.

Manufacture Small Molecules

Kicking Batch Habits

| Richard Fazackerley

The industry has been dipping its toe into the water of continuous manufacturing for years.

Manufacture Business Practice

The Big Break for Biosimilars?

| Stephanie Vine

The first US biosimilar has been pocketed and the game is on. We bring six experts to the table to discuss the impact on industry dynamics.

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

Remote Controlled Drugs

| Brian P. Timko, Daniel S. Kohane

The latest devices can deliver a drug in the right place and at the right time at the push of a button.

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

Nonthreatening Needles

| Lifeng Kang

No-one likes getting injections. Fortunately, patients may soon have a pain-free alternative in the form of microneedle delivery systems.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

The Challenge of China

| Fadia AlKhalil

The potential for growth is huge, but how do you break into the market?

Discovery & Development Clinical Trials

Advocate of Change

| Charlotte Barker

Phyllis Greenberger, President and CEO of the Society for Women’s Health Research (SWHR).

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

The Toolbox of 2025

| Charlotte Barker

What techniques will be in the toolbox 10 years from now? We speak to academic and industry experts to find out.

Discovery & Development Analytical Science

A Sweet Revolution

| Ken Cook

Glycan analysis poses major challenges for the biopharma industry; how can new technology lighten the load?

teaser of 0315-903
Manufacture Biosimilars

Monitoring Biosimilars

| Stephanie Vine

We speak to Professor Begoña Calvo to find out more about her research into pharmaco vigilance for biosimilars.

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