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March 2017 Issue of The Medicine Maker

Welcome to the March issue. Upfront investigates mutual inspections between the EMA and the FDA, an oral vaccine innovator and medicines from tick spit. In our cover feature, we explore on-demand manufacturing for the battlefield. In Business, George Chressanthis advocates a change in direction for the pharma industry, and Bernhard Paul shares his lessons learned in management. We also sit down with Fiona Greer, Life Sciences Global Director, Biopharma Services Development, SGS.

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Articles featured in this issue

Manufacture Clinical Trials

Weeding Out Pain

| Stephanie Vine

What does patient preference for pot over prescriptions mean for the pharma industry?

Manufacture Clinical Trials

Return of the Cells

| James Strachan

Can noise-induced hearing loss be treated by regenerating inner ear hair cells.

Business & Regulation Standards & Regulation

Mutual Respect

| James Strachan

FDA and EMA forge an agreement to mutually recognize drug manufacturing inspections.

Discovery & Development Contract Development Services

Outsourcing Boasts Growth

| James Strachan

Outsourced manufacturing is set to grow by 6.6 percent over the next four years.

Manufacture Vaccines

Oral Vaccine Innovator

| James Strachan

Can genetically engineered bacteria help alleviate cold chain issues for oral vaccines?

Manufacture Small Molecules

What’s Your Poison?

| James Strachan

Could compound derived from tick saliva make effective pharmaceuticals?

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Passing the Emflaza Baton

| James Strachan

Marathon sells Emflaza, but questions remain about FDA approval processes.

Business & Regulation Contract Development Services

Think Small, But Smart

| Matt Moorcroft

Today, the majority of the contract manufacturing market is made up of small molecules.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Time for Ethics and Honor

| Mike Rea

It's time to develop an ethical code for the pharmaceutical industry.

Discovery & Development Formulation

Blistering Headspace

| Craig Voellmicke

Packaging solutions should target headspace to overcome stability issues.

Manufacture Small Molecules

Battlefield Pharma

How close are we to the real-world implementation of drugs-on-demand technology?

Manufacture Small Molecules

Going with the Flow

Researchers develop a pharmacy on demand system using continuous chemical flow processing.

Manufacture Technology and Equipment

Cell Science

| Timothy Lu

Synthetic biology could help to re-write the rules of biopharma production.

Manufacture Technology and Equipment

Space Age Drug Development

| Lee Cronin

Professor Lee Cronin shares his vision for the future of drug manufacturing.

Manufacture Small Molecules

Protein Synthesis – But Not as We Know It

| James Collins

Producing therapeutic molecules on-demand with freeze-dried synthetic gene networks.

Manufacture Small Molecules

Flow Chemistry Focus

How flow chemistry is opening the way to new forms of portable API synthesis.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Make Global Pharma Great Again!?

| George A Chressanthis

Pharma has a number of underlying structural issues. It's time for a change of direction.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Fighting Generic Drug Price Gouging

| Karim Meeran

Should the UK National Health Service manufacture some generic drugs?

Business & Regulation Small Molecules

Chemistry, Conjugation and Management: Lessons Learned with Bernhard Paul

| Bernhard Paul

Small molecule APIs have been a strong focus throughout Bernhard Paul's career.

Manufacture Business Practice

Hopping Aboard the Darjeeling Limited

| Dev Ohri

India has held pharma’s interest for decades, but it is a challening market to work in.

Discovery & Development Biosimilars

Proving Biosimilarity

| Fiona Greer

Sitting Down With... Fiona Greer, a biosimilar guru from SGS.

Manufacture Bioprocessing - Upstream & Downstream

Freezing Down Time in Bioprocessing

Can high density cryopreservation allow biopharma manufacturers to buy back time?

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