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October 2017 Issue of The Medicine Maker

“Welcome to the October issue. Upfront investigates a new nasal delivery method and how Brexit will impact pharma intellectual property in the UK. Victoria Samanidou asks if age is related to research productivity in “In My View.” Our feature examines globalization and the trend towards international harmonization of pharma regulations. In Next Gen, we explore the untapped potential of plants for drug discovery and manufacturing; and in Best Practice, Jonathan Royce discusses the importance of protein A for the pharma industry. We also Sit Down With Cornell Stamoran, Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Catalent.

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Articles featured in this issue

Business & Regulation Standards & Regulation

Safe Supply Chains for All

| Stephanie Vine

Despite efforts to round up counterfeit criminals, fake medicines still find their way into supply chains.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

IP Deal or No Deal?

| William Aryitey

The future status of pharma intellectual property in the UK depends on the outcome of Brexit.

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

Navigating the Nose

| Stephanie Vine

Could a new nasal delivery method finally get drugs to the central nervous system?

Manufacture Technology and Equipment

Destination Innovation

| Stephanie Vine

Nominations close on November 10 for The Medicine Maker 2017 Innovation Awards.

Manufacture Business Practice

Saving Lives by Design

| Stephanie Vine

An exhibition in London explores the relationship between graphic design and health.

Manufacture Small Molecules

Skin in the Game

| William Aryitey

Could donated skin be a viable alternative to animal testing?

Business & Regulation Business Practice


| William Aryitey

Record generic approvals, a joint opioid investigation... What’s new for pharma in business?

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

An All-in-One Vaccine

| William Aryitey

The solution to multiple drugs co-existing in a syringe may lie with microparticles

Manufacture Contract Development Services

A Foggy Forecast?

| Michael Lehmann

What does your product demand guesstimate look like, and how can you be sure things won’t suddenly change?

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

Lead by the Nose

| Alain Regard and Pascale Farjas

The nose is an open door that offers rapid access to different organs.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

| Victoria F. Samanidou

Is age related to research productivity – and, if so, to what extent?

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Harmonization: Regulation Goes Global

| James Strachan

Globalization has created an industrywide demand for regulatory harmonization. But who benefits?

Business & Regulation Business Practice

A View From the Top

Margaret Hamburg, former FDA Commissioner, has led the agency through a period of increasing globalization.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

The Long Road to Perfect Harmony

In certain areas, there is significant disharmony across the ICH regions…

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Trade and International Standards

| James Strachan

How harmonization and international standards bodies bind trade and regulation in the pharma industry

Business & Regulation Business Practice

A Story of Disharmony

Researchers find significant variation in regulation of pharmaceutical market systems in the developing world

Manufacture Analytical Science

“A” Protein of Potential

| Jonathan Royce

Where would the biopharma industry be without Protein A? And can it ever be topped?

Manufacture Small Molecules

Plant Power

| Cassandra Quave

Why the pharma community should pay more attention to plants and other natural sources of new compounds.

Manufacture Bioprocessing - Upstream & Downstream

Plants: the New Medicine Makers?

| Johannes F. Buyel

Individual plants can be viewed as living, single-use bioreactors that can be grown from seeds...

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

Raising Respiratory Awareness

| Robert Lins

Respiratory drug development lags behind other therapeutic areas, but why?

Discovery & Development Contract Development Services

Renaissance Man

| Cornell Stamoran

Sitting Down With... Cornell Stamoran, Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Catalent Pharma Solutions, USA.

Manufacture Advanced Medicine

Automating the Future

| Kim Nelson

To ensure that cell therapy manufacture runs smoothly, the industry must embrace automation.

Discovery & Development Bioprocessing - Upstream & Downstream

Chasing Traces

| Chandana Sharma

The industry requires reassurance on elemental impurities. How can media suppliers provide confidence in this area?

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