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May 2017 Issue of The Medicine Maker

Welcome to the May issue. Our cover feature highlights innovative drug delivery projects, including smart pills, magnetic sponges, and micro manufacturing. Experts also tackle the benefits of spray drying in vaccine development, and how drug repurposing and synergy can help TB treatments in In My View. In Best Practice, we talk antibody drug conjugates and rowing with John Lambert, and hot-melt coating with Detlev Haack. Additional topics in the issue include outsourcing trends, PhRMA’s new membership rules, “hidden fungi treasures”, and an interview with Aesica’s Muir.

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Articles featured in this issue

Manufacture Business Practice

The Worst of Side Effects

| Stephanie Vine

Is growing awareness of unwanted drug effects good or bad for patients?

Business & Regulation Business Practice

It’s Just Been Revoked

| James Strachan

PhRMA weeds out 22 members after revising membership rules.

Manufacture Small Molecules

Hidden Fungi Treasures

| James Strachan

Does Penicillium contain a treasure trove of undiscovered secondary metabolites?

Business & Regulation Standards & Regulation

European RAPSody

| James Strachan

With big regulatory changes on the horizon, RAPS invests in Europe.

Business & Regulation Biosimilars

WHO Wants Cancer Biosimilars

| James Strachan

Will a pilot project to prequalify “generic” biologics improve safe access to medicines?

Business & Regulation Business Practice

ABPI Sets Out Its Stall

| James Strachan

The ABPI releases a manifesto for the UK’s upcoming election.

Manufacture Technology and Equipment

Future or Science Fiction?

| Stephanie Vine

What will medicine look like in 2050? We ask "Medical Futurist" Bertalan Mesko.

Manufacture Technology and Equipment

The Innovation Awards 2017

| Stephanie Vine

Nominations are now open for The Medicine Maker 2017 Innovation Awards

Manufacture Small Molecules

Spray for Success

| Devon DuBose

We need more vaccine manufacturing techniques at our disposal.

Discovery & Development Small Molecules

Targeting Tuberculosis

| Santiago Ramón-García and Charles Thompson

Existing drugs can – and should – be repurposed to fight neglected diseases.

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

Delivering on a Promise

Developing a drug that hits a given target is one thing. Making sure it reaches the target is another.

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

Hold In Your Stomach

How controlled release can lead to better compliance.

Manufacture Drug Delivery

Seeing the Light

| John Rogers

Can optogenetics delivering drugs to the brain, central nervous system and spinal cord?

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

Make It So

How easy will it be to bring a new solid oral dosage form to market?

Manufacture Drug Delivery

Can a Sponge Combat Cancer?

| Stephanie Vine

Researchers develop a magnetic sponge to help drug delivery challenges.

Manufacture Drug Delivery

Micro-Scale Manufacturing

| Donna Bibber

The big trend for small devices is carving inroads into drug delivery.

Manufacture Drug Delivery

Magnetic Attraction

Taking on solid tumors with magnetic fields and bacteria to deliver cancer drugs.

Manufacture Drug Delivery

The Sperminator

| William Aryitey

Drugs could become more potent when using micromotor-laden sperm to deliver them

Business & Regulation Business Practice

The Runaway Outsourcing Train

| Matthew Moorcroft

What can we learn about outsourcing trends from the last 40 years?

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Getting Your Skates On

| Phil Matton

In a price-challenged environment, successful companies embrace change and new strategies.

Manufacture Formulation

Pulling for a Cure: Lessons Learned with John Lambert

| James Strachan

John Lambert talks antibody-drug conjugates and his involvement with Kadcyla.

Discovery & Development Dosage Forms

Some Like it Hot (Melted)

| Detlev Haack

Can hot-melt coating reduced processing times and costs, and improve taste?

Business & Regulation Contract Development Services

The Contract Career Path

| Ian Muir

Sitting Down With... Ian Muir, Managing Director, Aesica, UK.

Manufacture Bioprocessing - Single Use Systems

Single Use – Your Way

| Karen Green

The increasing demand for disposable technologies puts pressure on suppliers to up their game

Manufacture Business Practice

Solving the Capacity Conundrum

| Sponsored by GE Healthcare

Given pharma’s new reality of niche products and diversified pipelines, flexibility is key.

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