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August 2017 Issue of The Medicine Maker

The July/August issues features a celebration of philanthropy in the pharma industry, showcasing projects at a number of companies including GlaxoSmithKline and Morningside Pharmaceuticals. Upfront investigates Eli Lilly’s advances in continuous manufacturing and the perils of a “Bad Brexit”, and in In My View, Catherine Bollard argues that scientific funding cuts in the US could be detrimental to global health. In NextGen, Stephanie Corgie gives the story of Zymtronix and its enzyme immobilization technology; and in Best Practice, Stephen Tindal and Ronak Savla argue why a fresh approach to formulation for each new molecule is the most effective. We also Sit Down With Steve Davis, President and CEO of PATH.

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Articles featured in this issue

Manufacture Business Practice

One Century On

| Stephanie Vine

In 100 years, medicine is likely to be vastly different to what we can predict – or even imagine.

Manufacture Advanced Medicine

Advancing Medicine

| Stephanie Vine

Can cell and gene therapies paint a picture of perfect future health?

Manufacture Technology and Equipment

When the Stars Align

| James Strachan

Multistep continuous-flow manufacturing is easier said than done. But Eli Lilly has found a way…

Business & Regulation Technology and Equipment

Pharma Backs Blockchain

| James Strachan

Will pharma adopt distributed ledger technology for data management within the next five years?

Business & Regulation Biosimilars

Generating Generics Faster

| William Aryitey

The FDA aims to reduce drug prices with a more competitive market - and generics are key.

Discovery & Development Formulation

Salvagers of Solubility

| James Strachan

High-throughput excipient discovery looks set to boost oral bioavailability.

Manufacture Small Molecules

Reducing HIV Recurrence

| William Aryitey

A small-molecule drug has shown its ability to diminish HIV reservoirs.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Bad Brexit Risks Lives

| James Strachan

Joint letter from eight trade associations warns of “supply disruptions to life-saving medicines.”

Manufacture Business Practice

Remembering Raymond Sackler

| James Strachan

Raymond Sackler, philanthropist, psychopharmacology pioneer, and former CEO of Purdue Pharma, dies aged 97.

Manufacture Advanced Medicine

Listen to the Heart Beat

A consortium aims to tackle cardiovascular disease with cell therapies

Discovery & Development Business Practice

Continuous Control

| Jamie Clayton

If pharma wants to adopt continuous manufacturing, it must employ control procedures to ensure quality.

Manufacture Standards & Regulation

Testing the Boundaries

| Sarah James

Are you compliant with the new guidelines for elemental impurities? There’s only six months left to get up to speed.

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

Breathe It In

| Simon Moore

The potential of inhaled drug delivery goes beyond traditional respiratory medicine.

Business & Regulation Advanced Medicine

Science Versus Trump

| Catherine Bollard

Proposed cuts to the funding of US scientific agencies will be detrimental to global health.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Heal the World

| Stephanie Vine

Beyond developing medicines, what is the pharma industry doing to help make the world a better place?

Discovery & Development Business Practice

Doing it for the Kids

| William Aryitey

When looking to do good, many companies choose to focus on children’s health, particularly in developing countries.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

More Than PR

| James Strachan

The first principal of corporate social responsibility is to improve lives – but goodwill and positivity are infectious.

Manufacture Business Practice

The PATH to Success

| Steve Davis

Steve Davis details some of the PATH's success stories in global health.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Small Touches, Big Heart

| Stephanie Vine

Sustainable contracts and more subtle efforts can also go a long way to helping others worldwide.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

The Value of Giving Back

| Frederick Bereskin

Pharmaceutical firms are some of the most generous, in terms of their philanthropy.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

A Career of Responsibility – and Collaboration

| Shannon Trilli

"Collaboration – across sectors, governments and communities – is the key to effective social endeavors."

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Little and Large

| James Strachan

Big Pharma can impact millions of lives, but charity on a smaller scale also makes a difference.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

A Good Citizen

According to novo Nordisk, being a good corporate citizen is simply “the right thing to do."

Discovery & Development Biosimilars

Being (Bio)Better

| Darrell Sleep

Why stop at biosimilar when you can be biobetter?

Manufacture Ingredients

Catalyzing Success

Can enzyme immobilization enhance biocatalysis further?

Discovery & Development Formulation

Let the Molecule Decide

| Stephen Tindal and Ronak Savla

Each new drug is unique and deserves a fresh approach to formulation.

Manufacture Business Practice

Taking the Transformative PATH

| Steve Davis

Steve Davis, President and CEO of PATH, and lecturer, Social Innovation, at Stanford University, California, USA.

Discovery & Development Small Molecules

The Significance of Solid Form Science

| Sponsored by Johnson Matthey

With approximately 80 percent of new drugs suffering from poor solubility and bioavailability, understanding solid form is more important than ever.

Manufacture Bioprocessing - Upstream & Downstream

Finding That Special Source

Tracing the supply chain back to raw materials and learning how fundamental research is driving advances in cell culture media.

Manufacture Advanced Medicine

Hype to Hope

A handful of cell- and gene-based therapies have now been approved, and more are sure to follow.

Manufacture Standards & Regulation

Putting a Stop to Cell Therapy “Snake Oil”

| Daniel Weiss

We need to stop companies from using loopholes to sell unproven cell therapies to desperate patients

Manufacture Business Practice

Conducting the Supply Chain Orchestra

| Simon Ellison

To effectively develop advanced therapies, you need the right supply chain management

Business & Regulation Advanced Medicine

Being Seen and Heard

| Neil Hunter

In the growing field of advanced therapies, it's important to stick out from the crowd

Manufacture Advanced Medicine

What About Gene Therapies?

| Linda Randall

As fast as gene therapies are progessing, there's still one major hurdle to overcome: cost

Business & Regulation Bioprocessing - Upstream & Downstream

Gurus of Advanced Medicine

| Timothy Allsopp, Stéphanie Boissel, Catherine Bollard, Thomas Heathman, and David Williams

Five gurus discuss the exciting developments in advanced medicine, and what the field needs to move forward.

Manufacture Bioprocessing - Upstream & Downstream

The Big (Bio) Freeze

| John Morris

When it comes to cryopreserving cell therapies, there's a right way - and a wrong way…

Manufacture Bioprocessing - Upstream & Downstream

Banking on Cell Therapy

| Steve Oh

Sitting down with Steve Oh from the Stem Cell Bioprocessing, Bioprocessing Technology Institute, A*STAR

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