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November 2017 Issue of The Medicine Maker

Welcome to our November issue. This month, we cover the intriguing possibilities of the far future, speaking with writers and experts across several fields to discuss how pharma, healthcare and medicine could evolve over the next century – will it lead to utopia, or dystopia? Upfront includes stories on the EMA’s move to Amsterdam, pharma’s 2022 outlook, and using the microbiome to predict chemotherapy side effects. In My View discusses the need for cybersecurity, and the potential of RNAi therapeutics. Best Practice brings you melt in the mouth drugs, and the difficulties of protein aggregation, while NextGen focuses on advancing lyophilization. Plus, we sit down with Margaret Hamburg, President-elect of the AAAS.

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Articles featured in this issue

Discovery & Development Business Practice

Big Brother is Monitoring Your Adherence

| Stephanie Vine

The FDA has approved a pill with the ability to track patient compliance.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Brexit Update: Calls for Customs Clarity

| James Strachan

The EFPIA highlights the risks of disrupting UK–EU medicine supply chains.

Business & Regulation Biosimilars


| William Aryitey

EMA relocation, a price-fixing scandal, and FDA warning letters… What's new for pharma in business?

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Steady On, Pharma

| William Aryitey

Pharma’s 2022 growth forecast has been reduced for the first time in a decade.

Manufacture Technology and Equipment

Mini Mimic

| William Aryitey

Could body-on-chip platforms eventually replace current pre-clinical animal models?

Manufacture Quality & Compliance

Learning from Failure

| William Aryitey

Over 90 percent of drugs fail to make it to market. What can the industry do to change that?

Discovery & Development Clinical Trials

Gut Feeling

| James Strachan

Can the microbiome predict the likelihood of chemotherapy side effects?

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Pharma Firms Face Terrorism Suit

| James Strachan

Iraq war victims accuse several pharma companies of aiding and abetting a terrorist group.

Business & Regulation Standards & Regulation

The FDA Abroad

| William Aryitey

The US regulatory agency has enlisted other authorities in Europe to carry out inspections.

Manufacture Business Practice

Winter is Coming

| Florian Pouchet

Cybersecurity is an aspect of business infrastructure that needs to be taken seriously.

Manufacture Advanced Medicine

Believe in RNAi

| Geert Cauwenbergh

Geert Cauwenbergh believes that RNAi could be the therapeutic of the future.

Manufacture Business Practice

Exploring Pharma’s Far Future

| Stephanie Vine

A century from now, will healthcare and medicine look like dystopia or utopia?

Manufacture Clinical Trials

Intelligent Drug Discovery

| Jackie Hunter

Will AI generate new hypotheses and lead to repurposed failed drug candidates?

Manufacture Business Practice

Where Are We Going?

| Joe Flower

Healthcare Futurist Joe Flower gives his views on how pharma can avoid a dystopian future.

Manufacture Technology and Equipment

Print Possibilities

| Stephanie Vine

3D printing is being explored in a variety of applications in pharma, and the future possibilities are vast.

Manufacture Technology and Equipment

Technological Disruption

| Stephanie Vine

How can the increasing move towards technology help pharma improve patient healthcare?

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Does Sci-fi Predict Future Tech?

Can science fiction can be used as a guidepost about future biomedical technologies?

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

Melt in the Mouth

| Elizabeth Hickman

Orally dissolving tablets could be a good match for patients that dislike swallowing tablets.

Manufacture Packaging

Addressing Protein Aggregation

| Benjamin Patrick Werner and Gerhard Winter

Protein aggregation is difficult to control and predict. Could bedside filtration have a role to play?

Manufacture Technology and Equipment

Coming in From the Cold

| James Strachan

Some say lyophilization has changed little in over 70 years, but a new consortium hopes to help change that.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

On a (Public Health) Mission

| James Strachan

Sitting Down With… Margaret Hamburg, President-elect AAAS, Foreign secretary of National Academy of Medicine

Manufacture Bioprocessing - Upstream & Downstream

A Media Match Made in Heaven

| Bruce Lehr

How important is it to have good cell culture media? It's essential.

Manufacture Technology and Equipment

Single-Use That’s Ready When You Are

| Sara Bell

Tailoring an experience to suit your needs is always beneficial, so why shouldn't that be the case for single-use?

Manufacture Technology and Equipment

Let Data Be Your Guide

| Fredrik Sundberg

The best way to sort the good from the great in immunotherapy is a high quality analytical system.

Discovery & Development Formulation

Complexity and Collaboration

Formulation continues to challenge the industry, but collaboration and new technologies can tackle the issues head on.

Discovery & Development Formulation

Leading the Way with Lipids

How is the oral drug delivery field changing to cope with solubility and bioavailability issues?

Discovery & Development Formulation

Formulation Best Practice

Industry gurus Frank Romanski, Derek Bush and Kishor Wasan share their views and tips for formulation success.

Business & Regulation Formulation

Formulating the Future

A Spotlight Interview with... Kishor Wasan, Dean of the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition, University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

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