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June 2017 Issue of The Medicine Maker

Welcome to the June issue! This month, our cover feature delves into the green rush of cannabinoids, and pharma’s fascination with creating medicines from the cannabis plant. In My View sees experts discuss explosive chemical reactions, extended ANDA approval times, and the upcoming serialization deadlines. We also investigate the story behind the world’s first JAK inhibitor for rheumatoid arthritis, how the trends in small-molecule drugs are affecting outsourcing, the importance of manufacturing strategies in bioprocessing, and what the UK’s Brexit decision means for pharmacovigilance. Plus, we sit down with Elisa Cascade, President of Data Solutions at DrugDev.

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Articles featured in this issue

Business & Regulation Small Molecules

Bringing Down the House

| Stephanie Vine

Is it a waste when manufacturers demolish facilities before they're even used?

Manufacture Technology and Equipment

CLOUD with a Silver Lining

| William Aryitey

A new database hopes to be the perfect tool for finding new novel drug combinations

Manufacture Analytical Science

Nanofluidic PAT

| William Aryitey

Real-time monitoring and analysis of biologics during manufacturing is within reach

Manufacture Technology and Equipment

Leidenfrost Nanochemistry

| James Strachan

How volcanoes inspired the fabrication of nanoparticles for cancer treatment

Business & Regulation Business Practice

What Bad Rep?

| James Strachan

Take a look at the Reputation Institute's ranking of the pharma industry

Business & Regulation Quality & Compliance

A Positive-Sum Game

| James Strachan

How important is pharmacovigilance in the post-market safety of drugs?

Business & Regulation Business Practice


| William Aryitey

Free cancer drugs, mispackaged contraceptive pills, and antibiotic action… What's new for pharma in business?

Manufacture Business Practice

When Experiments Go Wrong

| Carmen Nitsche

Sharing data about dangerous chemical reactions could boost laboratory safety

Business & Regulation Standards & Regulation

Calling for ANDA Action

| Girish Malhotra

Drug costs could be lowered if review and approval processes were much faster

Business & Regulation Packaging

Serial Killer?

| Jean-Marie Aulnette

Data management is a key factor for success with serialization

Manufacture Drug Delivery

Pharma’s Great Green Rush

| Stephanie Vine, James Strachan

What's causing pharma's fascination with cannabinoids and cannabis?

Manufacture Small Molecules

A Career in Cannabinoids

| Roger Pertwee

Roger Pertwee discusses his pioneering work into cannabis, cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system

Discovery & Development Clinical Trials

Cannabis Complex

| George E. Anastassov

How unravelling the complex chemistry of the cannabis plant can lead to new medicines

Manufacture Business Practice

Smashing the Stigma with Science

| Neil Mahapatra, Stephanie Vine

Neil Mahapatra gives the story behind a partnership with Oxford University to develop cannabinoid medicines

Discovery & Development Small Molecules

A View From the Biosynthetic Bridge

| Jeff Korentur

What are biosynthetic cannabinoids? And what do they mean for pharma?

Manufacture Drug Delivery

Forming a Cannabis Society

| Roger Pertwee

The International Cannabinoid Research Society was formed in the early 1990s – and continues to grow

Manufacture Clinical Trials

Enhancing Endocannabinoid Signaling

| Alan Ezekowitz

Boosting the body's built-in cannabinoid signaling receptors

Manufacture Small Molecules

Embracing the Medical Potential of Cannabinoids

| Neil Mahapatra

Initial research into the uses of medical cannabis suggests applications across a range of diseases, but research is needed to realize cannabis’ full medical potential.

Manufacture Formulation

The Ups and Downs of Drug Development

| William Aryitey, Stephanie Vine

Pfizer researchers share the story behind the first JAK inhibitor for rheumatoid arthritis

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

A Sniff of Success for Small Particles

| Ramesh Raliya

Nasal-bound nanoparticles could offer a novel way to bypass the blood-brain barrier

Business & Regulation Business Practice

The Next Stop for Pharma Outsourcing

| Matthew Moorcroft

What do trends in small molecule drugs mean for contract manufacturers?

Discovery & Development Small Molecules

The Importance of a Manufacturing Strategy: Lessons Learned with Steve Lam

| Stephanie Vine

Patheon's Steve Lam shares his lessons learned over three decades in bioprocessing.

Business & Regulation Standards & Regulation

Remaining (Pharmaco)Vigilant Post-Brexit

| John Barber

How will pharmacovigliance in the UK and Europe be affected by Brexit?

Business & Regulation Business Practice

A Third Option

| James Strachan

As Article 50's clock continues to tick, will the UK reconsider EEA/EFTA membership?

Business & Regulation Clinical Trials

Clinical Data Star

| Elisa Cascade

Sitting Down With Elisa Cascade, President of Data Solutions at DrugDev

Manufacture Analytical Science

A New Dawn for Real Time Characterization?

| Robert Karlsson

Advanced tools to unlock the potential for better products

Manufacture Business Practice

Celebrating 200 years of history

Over the past 200 years JM has established itself as a world leader within the Pharma industry

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