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August 2019 Issue of The Medicine Maker

Welcome to the August issue where, in our cover feature, we dive into the “outsourcing dilemma:” should you opt for a one-stop shop or specialist supply chain? Upfront examines current trends in US drug pricing and the potential of the innate immune system in the fight against cancer. Steve Arlington makes the case for maintaining links across borders, in In My View; while Best Practice outlines the steps to successfully bringing an advanced medicine to market. NextGen is skeptical about blockchain and dives into the story behind the UK’s CPI. And finally, we Sit Down With Adrian Woolfson, Vice President of Research and Development, Sangamo Therapeutics.

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Articles featured in this issue

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

The Sleeping Giant

| Stephanie Vine

Will the antibiotic apocalypse kill us all?

Manufacture Analytical Science

Doing it For the Kids

| Maryam Mahdi

Pfizer’s latest investment in the UK targets an improvement in pediatric clinical trials.

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

Celebrating Young Talent

| Maryam Mahdi

Georg Winter has cinched Eppendorf's 2019 Young European Scientist award.

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

Innate Responses

| Stephanie Vine

Can the innate immune system be reprogrammed to fight cancer? Inmune Bio believes the answer is yes.

Business & Regulation Drug Discovery

Full SPaeDD Ahead

| Andrew Parker

SPaeDD, a collaborative effort between industry, academia and contractors, is helping to accelerate pediatric drug development in the UK..

Business & Regulation Trends & Forecasts

We Must Focus on Science, Not Geography

| Steve Arlington

In times of political and social upheaval, maintaining our links across borders and working closely together is more important than ever.

Manufacture Contract Manufacturing Services

How to Find Your Secret Source

| Stephanie Vine

The complexity and scope of tasks within (bio)pharma lends itself to outsourcing, but finding the right partner can be daunting.

Manufacture Dosage Forms

Born to Be Manufactured

| Jim Calvin, Andy Lapinsky

A number of aspects must be considered to design a tablet that is well suited for commercial manufacture.

Manufacture Advanced Medicine

Advanced Medicines: Making it to Market

| Miguel Forte

When it comes to developing cell and gene therapies, you need to keep your eye on the end goal of commercial manufacturing.

Business & Regulation Supply Chain

Judging the New Kid on the Block

| Pasi Kemppainen

Is blockchain truly the solution the industry's been looking for?

Manufacture Process Control

The Phoenix of Process Innovation

| James Strachan, Stephanie Vine

Meet CPI: the UK not-for-profit dedicated to de-risking innovation.

Business & Regulation Profession

The Interface Between Art and Science

| Maryam Mahdi

When art and science meet, true inspiration can be found and tapped into.

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