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December 2019 Issue of The Medicine Maker

Welcome to the December issue! From imagination to innovation: find out which innovative companies made made this year’s Innovation Awards in our cover feature. In Upfront, you can read about the EMA’s new home and how wood may be used to produce drugs; while Neil Cashman and James Kupiec give their thoughts on Biogen’s recently reanimated Alzhimer’s candidate. NextGen explores a three-in-one approach to drug delivery; and in Best Practice, Greg Thiele argues that contract laboratories need to be treated as equal partners rather than service providers. Last but not least, we Sit Down With Trevor Jones, Director of Arix Bioscience, e-Therapeutics and Respiratory Innovation Wales, UK.

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Articles featured in this issue

Business & Regulation Trends & Forecasts

Joy to the World?

| James Strachan

The UK’s “sovereignty” debate does not end with an agreed UK-EU relationship. It extends to all trading partners...

Discovery & Development Ingredients

Waste Not...

| Maryam Mahdi

How can wood be used to produce pharmaceutically relevant compounds?

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

Special Delivery

| Maryam Mahdi

Researchers at NYU have developed a hydrogel technology which allows for the sustained release of medication over prolonged periods.

Business & Regulation Digital Technologies

In All FAIRness

| Maryam Mahdi

The Pistoia Alliance have announced their plans to develop a toolkit to help companies navigate large datasets.

Business & Regulation Standards & Regulation

On to New Pastures

| Maryam Mahdi

Dutch authorities hand over the keys to the EMA's new building in Amsterdam.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

The Best of the Best

| Maryam Mahdi

Don't forget to nominate the industry's most talented for our 2020 Power List!

Manufacture Digital Technologies

The Digital Age of Formulation and Support

| Frank Romanski

Free “virtual assistant” tools offer a starting point for formulation – and easier access to regulatory documentation and other enabling information.

Discovery & Development Clinical Trials

Getting on Target for Alzheimer’s

| Neil Cashman, James Kupiec

"Biogen revitalizes hope for Alzheimer’s therapy, but their work highlights why we still need greater selectivity."

Manufacture Contract Manufacturing Services

Why Small Molecules Are Still a Big Deal

| Gordon Bates

Small molecules continue to play a significant role in the development of innovative treatments.

Manufacture Technology and Equipment

The Future of Biopharma – Big Needs and Smart Solutions

| Günter Jagschies, Soon Jae Park

We must never forget unmet needs when developing new medicines.

Manufacture Technology and Equipment

The Innovation Awards 2019

After a vibrant year of advances in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing technologies, we present The Medicine Maker 2019 Innovation Awards.

Manufacture Technology and Equipment

The Innovators

Meet two companies that are advancing pharmaceutical development and manufacture.

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

A Natural Combination

| Stephanie Vine

A three-in-one approach to drug delivery combines different actives in a hydrogel-based delivery method.

Discovery & Development Analytical Science

Hidden Analytical Advantages

| Greg Thiele

Contract laboratories need to be treated as equal partners rather than service providers.

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