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May 2021 Issue of The Medicine Maker

It’s a COVID-19 special! We look at the greatest medicine making challenge the pharma industry has ever faced – the need to manufacture and deliver billions of doses to fight COVID-19 – by speaking with experts on access, distribution, packaging, and more. In NextGen, we also find out why serological testing is essential for COVID-19 surveillance and vaccine monitoring, and in Business, we ask if it’s time to onshore API supplies. Also in this issue, we cover the potential of treg cell therapy to transform autoimmune disease, multilayer tablets for patient-centric drug delivery, technology transfer, and how Russian dumplings inspired a new approach to drug delivery.

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Articles featured in this issue

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

Food for Thought

| Maryam Mahdi

Drawing pharmaceutical inspiration from Russian cuisine.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Digital Coordination

| Maryam Mahdi

mVaccination is a mobile platform transforming COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

Putting the Brakes on Inflammation

| Maryam Mahdi

How can we prevent the retinal degradation caused by geographic atrophy?

Manufacture Contract Manufacturing Services

Smooth Transfer Moves

| Alan Steven

Technology transfer is full of risks. But risks can be mitigated with the right strategy.

Discovery & Development Formulation

Three in One

| Thomas B “Brad” Gold

Why multilayer tablets, multiparticulates, and mini tablets could lead the way in patient-centric drug delivery.

Manufacture Bioprocessing - Upstream & Downstream

In With the New: Embracing Multicolumn Chromatography

| Casey Mihal

Biopharma companies are rapidly making changes to their manufacturing strategies – and flexible downstream unit operation solutions are key.

Manufacture Vaccines

Delivering Vaccines to the World

| Stephanie Vine

According to Gavi, “Developing a vaccine against COVID-19 is the most pressing challenge of our time – and nobody wins the race until everyone wins.”

Business & Regulation COVID-19

Where Did it All Go Wrong for AstraZeneca?

| James Strachan

How did AstraZeneca end up in a PR nightmare?

Business & Regulation COVID-19

Around the World

| Stephanie Vine

Experts explain the challenges of transporting vaccines across the globe.

Manufacture COVID-19

Securing Supply Chain Integrity

| Stephanie Vine

Whitney Winters discusses the impact the pandemic has had on the supply chain for primary packaging.

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

Armored Tregs to the Rescue

| Raul Elgueta, Cristina del Carmen Rosello

What does the future hold for Tregs? Treg-cell therapy could transform the way we treat autoimmune disease and transplant rejection.

Manufacture Technology and Equipment

Driving R&D With Digital Creativity

| Maryam Mahdi

Sitting Down With... Anne Phelan, Chief Scientific Officer at BenevolentAI.

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