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November 2021 Issue of The Medicine Maker

Welcome to our November issue! Our cover feature focuses on social media; could making better use of social media platforms boost pharma’s reputation and support marketing efforts? The pharma industry’s reputation is also a focus of our Business article featuring the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry. Also in this issue, we cover digital tools for bioprocessing, how to reduce the costs of biosimilars, antibody drug conjugates versus cancer, and Darlene Solomon from Agilent gives her view on the future of bio-innovation. Finally, we sit down with Bernard Pécoul, Executive Director of the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative to find out about his career and the work of the DNDi.

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Articles featured in this issue

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

Painted Cells and Scrambled Jigsaws

| Angus Stewart

Work at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology has revealed a welcome surprise: a potential new class of COVID-19 drugs.

Business & Regulation COVID-19


| Angus Stewart

Setting its sights on self-amplifying RNA, AstraZeneca has signed a deal with Imperial College London spinoff VaxEquity.

Discovery & Development Vaccines

Backwards Vax Moves Forward

| Angus Stewart

A University of Buffalo team has produced a reverse vaccination to help manage the symptoms of various chronic and autoimmune conditions.

Business & Regulation Clinical Trials

Paranoid or Prepared?

| Angus Stewart

Stating an intention to be ready to win in any biowarzone, the US military has commissioned Dynavax to develop a vaccine for the plague.

Manufacture Bioprocessing - Upstream & Downstream

The Time is Now for Digitally Simplified Bioprocessing

| John Moore

Applying advanced technologies to bioprocessing operations will only help improve success rates.

Manufacture Advanced Medicine

Eyeballing Advanced Medicine

| Jaleel Shujath, Sergio Lainez Vicente

Creating more efficient preclinical processes could streamline the route to market for valuable therapies.

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

ADCs: Still Room for Improvement!

| Antoine Attinger

Antibody drug conjugates are starting to transform cancer treatments, so let’s maintain the momentum.

Manufacture Dosage Forms

Welcome to the Era of Smart Solid Dosages

| Ali Rajabi-Siabhoomi, Gary Pond

On-dose authentication technology can help deter counterfeiters, while also helping patients better engage with their medicines.

Manufacture Contract Manufacturing Services

Responding to Changing Needs

| Sponsored by PCI

When it comes to delivering medicines to patients in need, choosing the right packaging partner can make all the difference.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Stepping Away from the Flame

| Maryam Mahdi

The pharma industry is one of the biggest targets for cybercrime. How can companies avoid succumbing to attack?

Discovery & Development Trends & Forecasts

Fueling Precision Medicine

| Darlene Solomon

In the 20th century, physics and chemistry reshaped the world. Here’s why biology will be the game-changer in the 21st century.

Manufacture Facilities

Swimming with the mRNA Current

| Bill Jarvis

How RNA is making waves in the industry – and leading to new research projects and increased demand for new manufacturing capacities.

Business & Regulation Profession

Is Pharma’s Reputation in Paradise or Purgatory?

| Angus Stewart

We get the lowdown on the Reputation Index, which was recently published by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry.

Business & Regulation Profession

Dreams and Reality

| Angus Stewart

Bernard Pécoul on his career, the birth of the DNDi, and the baton he wants to pass on to future generations.

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