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October 2021 Issue of The Medicine Maker

In this month’s cover feature, we put a spotlight on professionals from the outsourcing sector, who share their thoughts on the role of CDMOs in the global fight against COVID-19. In a second mini feature, we also explore how the industry is working to update clinical trials. Meanwhile, in Business, IDEA Pharma’s Mike Rea explains how a crucial moment in his career inspired the launch of his pharmaceutical positioning company, while Paula Pulsoni from World Courier discusses the importance of responding to changing logistics demands as global supply chains change. Also in this issue, we look at a pill for monoclonal antibodies, autoinjectors, multi-omics, lessons learned from Operation Warp Speed, and we we catch up with Novartis about progress towards the eradication of malaria. Finally, Evelina Vågesjö from Ilya Pharma tell us what it’s like to be a CEO at a spin out company.

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Articles featured in this issue

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

X2: Researchers United

| Angus Stewart

An institute for the gifted with X in its name, presided over by a wise doctor, has launched two new projects. Somebody call Magneto!

Manufacture Technology and Equipment

The Innovation Awards Are Back - And Nominations Close Soon

Our Innovation Awards will celebrate the highest-impact pharma development and manufacturing technologies released during 2021.

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

Flipping the Tortoise

| Angus Stewart

A pill developed at MIT and inspired by tortoises could replace injections for monoclonal antibody therapies.

Discovery & Development COVID-19

A Moonshot for COVID-19

| Angus Stewart

Meet the international coalition working to tackle COVID-19 in low- and middle-income countries.

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

Closer to the Boundary

| Angus Stewart

A Korean team have conducted a study on a peptide that could help to produce medicines capable of crossing cell membranes and interfering with PPIs.

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

What a Difference a Year Makes

| Maryam Mahdi

How a drug approval changed the lives of patients living with rare disease.

Business & Regulation Standards & Regulation

The Price Ain’t Right

| Angus Stewart

We speak with the authors of two studies into extreme increases in US drug pricing, and attempts by lawmakers to bring the price-jackers into line.

Manufacture Bioprocessing - Upstream & Downstream

The Smart Choice

01/01/1970 | Jonas Wege

Using the right chromatography resin can make all the difference to antibody fragment manufacture

Manufacture Drug Delivery

Autoinjectors: Through Thick and Thin

Embracing the benefits of auto-injectors.

Discovery & Development Analytical Science

Unspent Media

| Paul Gulde

Biopharmaceutical development is in need of a speed boost. Multi-omics could be the answer.

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

A Reawakening of Small Molecule Drug Development

| Marcelo Bigal

Emerging technologies are proving that small molecules aren't yesterday's news.

Manufacture Contract Manufacturing Services

Weathering the Storm Together - Part 1

| Stephanie Vine

The efforts of CDMOs have been absolutely crucial in the pandemic response. We ask five CDMO gurus how they reacted to COVID-19.

Discovery & Development Clinical Trials

Taking the Trial to the Patient

| Stephanie Vine

The way the pharma industry has traditionally handled clinical trials does not make participation easy.

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

Staying on the Track to Eradication

| Rosanne Rotondo

A diverse range of malaria treatments will make all the difference in the prevention of resistance.

Manufacture Contract Manufacturing Services

One Stop Shop

| Adam Stops

In a market filled with complexity, working with a single supplier simplifies the supply chain and focuses effort towards a single target.

Manufacture Facilities

Giving It All We’ve Got: Lessons Learned from Operation Warp Speed

| Jarrod Wrampe, Charles Heffernan

What lessons were learned from Operation Warp Speed?

Manufacture Bioprocessing - Upstream & Downstream

Outsourcing Strategies to Expedite Viral-Vector Vaccine Development

| Sponsored by Sartorius

With the threat of COVID-19, vaccine developers needed to enter clinical development and scale-up at unprecedented speed.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

Cast Out the Oracles

| Angus Stewart

Mike Rea of IDEA Pharma shares his thoughts on what players in pharma positioning are getting right – and wrong.

Business & Regulation Supply Chain

Keeping Products Closer to Patients: In-Country Logistics

How can logistics companies meet the evolving needs of global clients while maintaining resilience over the long-term?

Business & Regulation Profession

Stay True to Yourself!

| Maryam Mahdi

Sitting Down With… Evelina Vågesjö, Chief Executive Officer at Ilya Pharma, Sweden.

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