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February 2023 Issue of The Medicine Maker

Flu is a key focus in this issue; we ask experts if it's time for influenza vaccine manufacturing to move away from eggs and to instead embrace newer approaches. In In My View, experts give their opinions on the realities of mRNA therapeutic storage, and how digital health technology can help clinical trials be more accessible. Also in this issue, we find out what the energy crisis in Europe means for pharma, why no one wants a "Where's Waldo" situation in clinical trials, and how manufacturing tech is advancing for cell therapy manufacturing. We finish up by sitting down with Eric Dube, CEO of Travere Therapeutics.

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Articles featured in this issue

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

The Blood Clot and the Invisible Frog

| Rob Coker | 2 min read

Groups of tiny glass frogs can sleep on a leaf in daylight and go entirely undetected by predators

Manufacture Packaging

Chill Out: Understanding the Realities of mRNA Therapeutic Storage

| Silvia Gallina, Marco Povolo | 4 min read

As we transition into the endemic phase of the pandemic, companies will have to consider how their mRNA products will be housed and stored.

Discovery & Development Drug Delivery

Connected Patient-Centricity

| Oliver Eden | 5 min read

How digital health technology can help clinical trials be more inclusive and accessible.

Manufacture Vaccines

A Day in Egg City: Seven Things I Learned on a Visit to Britain’s Largest Flu Vaccine Factory

| Angus Stewart | 8 min read

From hemispheric analysis to hatchery logistics, there’s a lot more to vaccine production than you might suspect

Manufacture Vaccines

Teaching Old Drugs New Tricks

| Stephanie Vine

Could existing drugs be repurposed as a shortcut to treating Ebola?

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

Flu Season: March of the mAbs

| Rob Coker | 3 min read

As the world continues to take on the post-COVID flu epidemic, we ask RQ Bio CEO Hugo Fry what part monoclonal antibodies play in new flu treatments

Manufacture Advanced Medicine

Cell and Gene: Generating the Next Generation

| Angus Stewart | 4 min read

What can cell and gene do to avoid a seemingly inevitable rush on supporting products and services?

Manufacture Advanced Medicine

A Patient Story In The UK

| Stephanie Vine | 2 min read

Libmeldy gene therapy is used for the first time in the UK outside of a clinical trial.

Business & Regulation Business Practice

A Tale of Two Inhibitors

| Angus Stewart | 4 min read

Two drugs, two different destinies. Does their story prove that business practice makes the difference?

Discovery & Development Drug Discovery

The Microbiome Miner

| Angus Stewart | 9 min read

Water is the giver of life, but could it be a giver of untold medicines too?

Manufacture Advanced Medicine

Cell and Ex Vivo Gene Therapies: A Manufacturing Odyssey

| George Todorov | 17 min read

Demand for cell and gene therapies is increasing, but are current manufacturing approaches up to the task?

Business & Regulation Trends & Forecasts

Winter is Coming: How the Energy Crisis Will Change Pharma in 2023

| Angus Stewart | 6 min read

In the face of war and the economic fallout of COVID-19, Europe is weathering an energy price storm. What does this mean for medicine makers?

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